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  • A History of Memorial Day

    A History of Memorial Day

    The Memorial Day holiday is often celebrated with cooking out, family gatherings, perhaps a parade and enjoying that extra day off of work or school. With the holiday unofficially signaling the beginning of summer, it’s easy to forget the meaning behind the nationally recognized holiday.Historically observed on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day exists to honor men and women who died while serving in the United States Military. No one knows the exact origin of the holiday, however, the American Civil War (1861-1865) is thought to have played a large roll in it; the late 1860’s is when various … Read More »
  • First Ever EmpowHER Retreat A Huge Success

    First Ever EmpowHER Retreat A Huge Success

    “We want [these girls] to embrace their strengths and differences, and take positive steps forward, knowing that they matter and have the power to make a difference for themselves and their future communities.”These are the words of Suzy Merchant, head coach of the Michigan State University Women’s basketball team, explaining the purpose of the first ever EmpowHER Retreat.“Our hope is that these young girls walk away with the necessary skills to take on the personal and professional challenges in their lives.”Now more than ever, young people (particularly girls) need mentoring and guidance in the art of being confident. Some of the … Read More »
  • 15th Annual Women’s Leadership Council Luncheon

    15th Annual Women’s Leadership Council Luncheon

    On Wednesday, May 4 the Capital Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council hosted its 15th annual “Lighting the Path” Luncheon at the Country Club of Lansing.The luncheon exists to celebrate women in the area who have contributed to making a difference in the community as a working professional, as well as a mentor and example for other young women. At Wednesday’s event, three women were honored with an award and gifts to acknowledge their many accomplishments.Teresa Kmetz, President and CEO of the Capital Area United Way, opened the event and welcomed the near 150 attendees. Sheri Jones, WLNS TV6 news anchor, emceed … Read More »

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