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Stella Cash, Happy and Healthy Living


Stella Cash has held many influential positions in her career, but none so important as her role as mother, grandmother and just recently, great-grandmother.

Cash’s story is unique and her passion for her family and her career are unmatched. The roots of her success both professionally and personally stem from her love of learning and her outgoing personality.


A Sweet Surprise for Party Guests

Wedding season is fast approaching, and with that brings bridal showers. These Candy Bouquets would make adorable party favors for the guests at your shower. You can also make them for baby showers, birthday parties or just because. I chose to cover my flowerpot with zebra duct tape because my daughter is VERY into zebra print right now and I am making them for party favors for her birthday this month. There are so many different patterns of duct tape and washi tape out right now, so you should be able to find something to fit the style you want. If you don’t want to use tape, you could paint the flowerpot or just leave it plain. You could even dress it up a bit with a bow or some sequins. Just let your creativity flow and see where it takes you. However you decide to decorate your flowerpot, I’m sure it will be AMAZING! 


Living Out Our Values

“On my honor, I will try…” I made that promise over and over as a child. It wasn’t just something I said, it’s something I truly meant — even then. And, boy, I certainly have tried to serve God and my country; help people when I can and live by the Girl Scout Law.

During a short discussion with a personal trainer the other day who said that there would probably be a day in the future that we would say things like, “I can’t believe that people used to eat white sugar,” I started to think about other areas of the future we would analyze similarly.

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We Love Kids N Dogs; Toys for Your Kids and Your Furry Friends

It’s easy to find stores that sell products for children, and it’s just as easy to find stores that sell products for pets, but it’s very rare to find one store that caters to both. This is where We Love Kids n Dogs comes in. Located in the Macy’s wing of the Meridian Mall, We Love Kids n Dogs is a unique boutique that combines a love for pets and children in one store.




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