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City Spotlight: Sparrow Gala 2011

Written by Deborah Ginsburg. Posted in City Spotlight, Monthly Issues

The event was attended by about 700 Sparrow supporters including community leaders, physicians and dignitaries. Funds from this year’s Gala will support Sparrow Hospital’s Cancer Center and Phase I Clinical Trials. The evening’s theme was the “Party after the Party.” You know, the Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack era, where friends gather to get comfortable and you’re able to loosen your tie, let your hair down and enjoy a really great time. Every room at the club had something fun and Read more [...]

Know the Score Before You Start Home Improvements

Written by April Clobes. Posted in Monthly Issues

Show of hands: Who’s as ecstatic as I am that winter’s over? Even though New Year’s gets all the hype for resolutions and setting goals, I think the beginning of spring is the perfect time to hit the reset button and start anew. One of my favorite parts of spring is taking care of much-needed work at my house. Well, for the sake of full disclosure, most of the home improvement projects I’m planning will be delegated to my husband or to actual professionals. Trust me, it’s for the best. If Read more [...]

Capital City Film Festival

Written by Becca Jaskot. Posted in Monthly Issues

Roll out the red carpet ― film is coming to Lansing, and it’s coming from all over the world. Michigan-made movies, student work, and international films will be shared on the big screen April 14-17 at the first Capital City Film Festival in Lansing. The festival’s slogan is “There’s film in Lansing” because the organizers want people to recognize the amount of good film made in Michigan and to appreciate other national and international films. “It’s a festival that can bring Read more [...]

Be Beautiful at Home

Written by Shelley Davis Mielock. Posted in Columns, Image Focus, Monthly Issues

Being a woman isn’t easy. No matter how we spend our time — retired, business owner, stay-at-home mom, lady of luxury or everything in between, there are still certain beauty standards to which we are all held. I wish I had the time and resources to have all of my beauty needs taken care of at a salon, but unfortunately that’s just not the case. There are certain things that I highly recommend you get done by a trained and qualified professional, but trying some of the things below at home Read more [...]

Biking? There’s an App for That

Written by Linda Lynch. Posted in Columns, Monthly Issues, Wired Women

It’s hard to find anyone today who doesn’t depend on technology. Each of us has our favorite devices or applications that we can’t imagine being without. Over the coming months, I want to have conversations with women throughout the area to find out just how they use technology to make their lives fuller, more organized or just plain more fun! I thought I would get the ball rolling by telling you about the application I found last summer when I started bike riding. Since I hadn’t ridden Read more [...]

Wellness in the Workplace

Written by Patrick Sustrich. Posted in Fitness Tips, Monthly Issues

After the workday is over, many of us run around to get the kids picked up, scramble to prepare something resembling dinner and then we’re off to school functions, extra curricular activities or volunteer meetings. Once we finally arrive home, it’s time to help the kids with their homework and get them ready for bed. You finally have some alone time to melt into the couch and watch some television or jump on the Internet for the last few remaining hours of the day. Everyone knows the importance Read more [...]

For Pete’s Take: The “Rights” of Spring

Written by Pete Ruffing. Posted in Columns, Monthly Issues

So, it’s time for the annual rites of spring in mid-Michigan. Clean the garage, plant some flowers, put away your winter clothes, oh, and keep your car from falling into a pothole. Outside of avoiding the potholes, what happens when you live in a condo and some of those “rights” of spring are taken away from you? Well, for my wife Brenda and me, who just celebrated our six month anniversary of moving back to Lansing, we’re going through a little home improvement withdrawal. You see, we moved Read more [...]

Now it’s Back to the Future …

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher, Monthly Issues

At the CAWLM office, we’ve put our legwarmers away for a while and decided to get back to the future. Not so fast, I say. Spending several months reliving the 80s has brought back so many memories and made me think about how much time we spent on our relationships way back then. Okay, I don’t want to be construed as the woman who wouldn’t let go of her “glory days”, but I’m not the only one. Others are thinking back to a less complicated time. I was on Facebook recently and I read Read more [...]

Total Fitness for Today’s Woman at Elements

Written by Ann Cool. Posted in Business Profile, Monthly Issues

It's every woman’s dream. A place to work out that’s private and offers exercises and nutrition counseling tailored to your individual needs. Now the dream may be within reach. Kathy Elsesser opened Elements Diet & Fitness, a new premier fitness club for women in Okemos, late last year. The club that Elsesser co-founded with her husband Mark is the first of its kind in Michigan. They were looking for a franchise to own, and this fit into Elsesser’s experience in business and passion Read more [...]

Love & War: Paper or Internet

Written by Tiana Hawver. Posted in Columns, Love and War, Monthly Issues

Remember when you were in elementary school and wondered if the person you liked, liked you? Sometimes you would be fortunate (or unfortunate as the case may be) enough to have a friend willing to ask said “love” interest if he was interested in you. If he wasn’t, it seemed that all of his friends heard about you and would point and stare. Or maybe you passed along the note asking him to check the box: Do you like me? Yes, no, maybe? It was always so exciting to see what the other person Read more [...]

Mini Home Makeover

Written by Dottie Zimmerman. Posted in Columns, DIY, Monthly Issues

Home-sweet-what-mess-did-I-get-myself-into-with-never-ending-projects-home. That’s how the saying should go. Still alive and kicking at a mere 70 years old, our house has lots of character and also lots of projects. I’ve found (à la learning the hard way) that when beginning a “project,” the best way to avoid tears or feeling overwhelmed and intimidated is to start small. In most cases there are little fixes that can be done that make a huge difference. The top of our basement stairs was Read more [...]

Caring About Women Locally: Shari Murgittroyd

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Cover Stories, Monthly Issues

Feminist. Loaded with connotations, it’s a word some women might shy away from. Not Shari Murgittroyd. Feminist is a word she closely identifies with, and it’s a word that she believes, if more people knew its true meaning, they would identify with too. For the true meaning, Murgittroyd says to look no further than a dictionary. “I ask people to do themselves a favor and read the definition,” she said. “(A feminist is) a person who believes that women deserve equal rights Read more [...]


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