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Catherine Lee: Business Her Way

Written by Julie Becker. Posted in Cover Stories, Monthly Issues

When we met Catherine Lee she was everything you’d imagine a mother of three to be: warm, inviting, gracious and kind. She welcomed us into her home like family, asking several times if there was anything she could get us. Once we began the interview, it was no surprise that Lee truly defines herself not by her business, but by her relationships. “First and foremost, I’m a mother,” said Lee. “Not only do I have my kids, I have three adopted boys that have lived here over the years. I Read more [...]

Local Women: Carol Spry

Written by Brandon Kirby. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

Outside of her job as a nurse at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Carol Spry continues to give to others through her photography. In 2013, she will be the featured artist at the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing. She also loves airplanes and flying, and even finished building an airplane with her husband Jim in 2009. Q: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH PHOTOGRAPHY? A: I think it really goes back to a love of nature. I love to be outside. There are so many beautiful things around. I started sketching, Read more [...]

Local Women: Porsche Miles

Written by Brandon Kirby. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

At just 23 years old, this Michigan State University grad has done things with her entrepreneurial career that some people don’t do in a lifetime. Porsche Miles is a self-published author, teaches classes at the YMCA and operates her own online business. Q: WHAT KINDS OF THINGS ARE YOU DOING NOW? A: I’m working at the YMCA teaching free classes called Hip Hop Abs. I also got my book published, which is called Deceitfully Yours. I’ve been selling it out of the trunk of my car to people all Read more [...]

Local Women: Tonjala Eaton

Written by Brandon Kirby. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

Tonjala Eaton graduated from the Michigan State University graduate program Higher Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE) a year ago and has always been passionate about education and spreading knowledge to others. Q: WHAT KIND OF WORK ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? A: I’m a faculty member at Lansing Community College, and I teach a course called Diversity in the Workplace. The goals are to increase awareness about different cultures including both minority and majority cultures. It’s an experienced-based Read more [...]

Local Women: Ann Buffa

Written by Brandon Kirby. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

Ann Buffa has been a dancer all her life and part of the local dancing community in East Lansing for the past seven years with Ann’s Dance Studio. She has performed both nationally and overseas and aspires to give her students the same exposure. Her studio is currently open to new enrollments in fall classes. Q: WHAT IS IT LIKE RUNNING YOUR OWN DANCE STUDIO? A: It’s a wonderful experience. The best part is being able to share the joy of dance with all the students, being an active part of Read more [...]


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