The Links, Incorporated Honors Jesenia Pizarro at the Fifth Annual White Rose Gala

Written by Alicia Pilmore. Posted in Monthly Issues

The Lansing/East Lansing chapter of The Links, Incorporated is celebrating Women’s History Month by hosting the White Rose Gala for the fifth consecutive year, and by presenting the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award to Jesenia Pizarro, Ph.D. According to the Lansing/East Lansing Links chapter website, the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award is presented to emerging women leaders, 40 years of age or younger, who demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their business Read more [...]

Intentional Dating

Written by CatriceLane. Posted in Adventures in Dating, Columns

Meant to be? In my January column, I shared the beginning of my New Year’s online dating journey — dating with an open mind (fueled by a glass of wine, of course). My mind is now open to ask the question, “should I leave my search to fate or apply some strategy?" Since it appears that I’m managing one of the most critical areas of my life like a Google search, let me actually search Google for an answer. I just need a keyword to help me get things started … Let’s try the word “love”. My Read more [...]

Events March 2015

Written by CAWLM. Posted in Monthly Issues, Tri-County Events

Events March 7 — Family Day at the Broad, East Lansing. Gather the family and spend the day with Farm Bureau Insurance at Family Day at the Broad. Enjoy a scavenger hunt, hands-on projects, live music and a special family tour at 1 p.m. Visit the Broad from noon to 4 p.m. for this free family fun experience. For more information, visit March 31 — Dinner with the Doc, Lansing. Join Total Health Chiropractic for Dinner with the Doc. They will buy you dinner at Carrabba’s Read more [...]

The Women We Are

Written by Kalynne McIntyre. Posted in Features, Monthly Issues

Bod•y im•age: The subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. Every time you turn on the TV, flip through a magazine or listen to the radio, the topic is up for discussion. In a time where Photoshopping images is not only acceptable but expected, society is more skeptical than ever of what a “true” woman should look like. So how do we get people to realize that not looking like the model on a magazine cover is perfectly acceptable? To combat the idea of the unattainable, Read more [...]

Good News March 2015

Written by CAWLM. Posted in Monthly Issues

Local Charities Compete to Win the University Club’s Big Bang-quet Challenge Twenty-one local charities are competing in the University Club of MSU’s Big Bang-quet Community Charity Challenge, sponsored by MSU Federal Credit Union and the Capital Region Community Foundation. All charities are posted on the University Club’s website at, and the public is invited to visit the site and “vote” for their favorites. A “vote” is a $5 tax-deductible Read more [...]

Characters of Lansing

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

I’ve always been an observer of the human race. I mean it. As far back as I can remember, I would watch people — not in a crazy stalker kind of way, but in an “I’m really interested in understanding the world” manner. It may be hard to believe now, but I was a tad bit shy when I was a younger person. At some point in high school, I decided that I didn’t just want to watch from the sidelines trying to figure out what made people tick; I wanted to pose questions and find out how and why Read more [...]

Passing it Forward In the Classroom and the Community

Written by Sydney Ford. Posted in Monthly Issues

An ePIFanyNow! Story We hope you enjoy our new ePIFanyNow features! These features will highlight youth in the area that work to pass it forward and make our community a better place. If you would like to nominate someone please email Ami Iceman at Classes, tutoring, volunteering, soccer practice and workouts, all before she gets home for dinner. Abbey Bowman’s day is filled by helping others and bettering herself. She is making the world better one good deed at a time. It’s Read more [...]

Keep Warm

Written by Ami Iceman. Posted in Columns, DIY

We all know spring takes its time showing up in Michigan — so this month I made heating pads for my friends to keep them warm, while the sun catches up. I love these heating pads because they are extra long to wrap over your shoulders or around your feet to warm up those tootsies. I chose fabrics that my friends would love, and added a little color with fun thread when stitching. Everyone loves giving handmade gifts that are practical, and this project is just that. Roll up it like sushi Read more [...]

Celebrate Love

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

Love is an amazing emotion. It can bring the highest highs and the lowest lows. It can be dependable and it also lets you down. It’s exciting and fun sometimes but challenging and frustrating at others. It’s a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that we pray never ends. During the month of February, many people of all ages and types are celebrating the love they have for a spouse, significant other or that new date with the potential to be that new love. It’s a time to be thankful that Read more [...]

Sweet Heart Decor

Written by Jennifer Hodges. Posted in Columns, DIY

I must confess, this is actually a craft my 12-year-old daughter made, and I thought it was so cute that I had to share this with you for my DIY! This is the perfect DIY if you want or need a new decoration for Valentine's Day. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive DIY craft. You can find almost all of the items at a dollar store or craft store. This is a great craft to hang up in your house or office; you could even give it as a gift to your special Valentine. Spread the love this Valentine’s Read more [...]

Family Life

Written by Tina Sutterlin. Posted in Columns

Editor’s Note: Welcome to a special series from the Sutterlin Family. This month, the family continues the account of their experience hosting a German high school exchange student. Enjoy! From the Sutterlin Family One of the things that drew our attention to Sophie’s application for the exchange program was that she was an only child. We thought it would make her more interested in becoming a sibling, part of something larger. As we gathered a loaner bed and redesigned a 10 x 10 room to Read more [...]

Les Meres et Debutantes Club

Written by Sydney Ford. Posted in Columns

Three friends sit side by side on the plush stools in front of a brightly lit vanity mirror. One fussing with her hair, making sure that her freshly curled ringlets are pinned perfectly in place; another freshening up her blush, careful not to spill any of the powder on the sky blue dress her mother bought for her; the third reciting the lines of her speech over and over again, squeezing her eyes closed tightly on the sections she hadn't quite memorized yet. These girls are getting ready for the Read more [...]


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