Dealing with Diabetes

By Della Hughes-CarterEditor’s Note: This is part one of a two part feature. Be sure to pick up the September CAWLM for part 2.Lyle Adkins was feeling fatigued, had extreme thirst and was always hungry, but what concerned him the most were episodes ...
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Going to the Vet

I’ve decided not to visit the vet anymore. When I know it’s time to go the vet, I start to feel very anxious. My dogs do not get upset, but I do. It’s because I know that I will get a critical look from the doctor that lets me know she thinks I’m ...
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Heavy Metal

Last year my dad bought an old luggage cart with the intention of converting it into a table. It looked solid and the wood had a cool patina, but once we got it apart we found much of the wood was rotted beyond saving. The original plan was to clean up ...
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Curtain Call

For the past several months, we have been remodeling our home, and I’ve had a difficult time finding curtains for my kitchen. I have searched the internet and every home improvement store and home decorating store in town and I haven’t had any luck ...
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