Mason Jar Leaf Lamp

With fall in the air and the gorgeous trees changing colors, what better time to create a quick craft using leaves for a fall decoration. This month my 12-year-old daughter, Emma Grace, took it upon herself to takeover my DIY craft and I have to say I ...
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All Faith Ministry for disAbilites

Life’s twists and turns can be hard enough for the able-bodied, but overcoming obstacles can be even more difficult for persons with disabilities. All Faith Ministry for disABILITIES is a nonprofit organization aimed at aiding and providing support ...
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It Takes 2

In my last CALWM article, I shared my views about how important it is to be inspired by the successful couples in your life. Feeling the pressure of dating is real; no matter how badly you want to remain positive, witnessing healthy outcomes can be uplifting ...
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Dirty Dancing

The 80s are back! Don’t miss Dirty Dancing at the Wharton Center this November, running from November 10-15. As one of the most iconic love stories of all time, Dirty Dancing as a live musical experience is a performance that will leave you breathless. ...
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Maple Makeover

Iabsolutely love Pottery Barn; I could spend every penny of mine in that wonderful store, but my husband won’t let me. As a young and newly married woman, I have to get realistic and save a little cash and get creative! I had an old dresser made from ...
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