Jumbo Jenga

One of my favorite things about summer is taking the party outside with family and friends. There is nothing better than grilling out and playing yard games. There are many great lawn games that are staples for a summer barbeque but jumbo Jenga is a fun ...
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Totes Adorbs

Photos by Erika HodgesLooking for a quick gift or something for yourself? These DIY canvas tote bags are simple and quick.They are perfect to use as a gift bag and to add a personal touch. Create one for your wedding bridal party, a bachelorette party, ...
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Tugging on Her Heart Strings

By Brad DowrickFor our wedding day, I wanted to get my wife something special. For this particular woman, a diamond bracelet was not enough. I wanted to make her something personal that she would cherish forever, so I decided to do something that includes ...
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Monogrammed Photo Collage

Spring is here! Which means flowers, warmer weather, colorful clothes and one other big thing: wedding season. Last year, I attended at least five weddings. This year, I’ll probably attend more. Which is great, except for the gifts! I never know what ...
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Rustic Industrial Shelf

After being with my husband for seven years, I’ve FINALLY found a common ground for both of our décor tastes. I love glam/chic meets a rustic/industrial design, and well, he’s a guy, so there isn’t much of a thought process when it comes to design. ...
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Step 5

DIY Quick Crafts

Marble AnythingIf you’re looking for an easy, fun and colorful DIY this spring, look no further! This project is deceptively simple and you’ll want to marble everything!I’ve had a few basic white ceramic plates lying around my house for years that ...
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Wrapped Up Wine Bottles

 I love wine. I love drinking it, talking about it, giving it as a gift … It’s a drink that’s perfect for almost any occasion. And whether I’m out to dinner with my boyfriend or hanging out at home and binge-watching Scandal, I’ll take wine ...
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Pretty Plaques

While at Joann's I came across the hanging plaque (I think it cost $2.49) and decided to use that for this month's DIY. My daughter Grace has a name plaque on her wall that she made herself years ago with stickers on it that are now peeling off. I decided ...
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Mason Jar Leaf Lamp

With fall in the air and the gorgeous trees changing colors, what better time to create a quick craft using leaves for a fall decoration. This month my 12-year-old daughter, Emma Grace, took it upon herself to takeover my DIY craft and I have to say I ...
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Maple Makeover

Iabsolutely love Pottery Barn; I could spend every penny of mine in that wonderful store, but my husband won’t let me. As a young and newly married woman, I have to get realistic and save a little cash and get creative! I had an old dresser made from ...
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Gold Dipped Pots

My current home décor obsession is succulents. They add some green to your home and are low-maintenance all year round. You will be surprised how much you can liven up your windowsill or tabletop with a colorful piece of nature. I decided to add a pop ...
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