PB2 No-Bake Cookies

Written by Mary McElgunn. Posted in Monthly Issues, Recipe of the Month, Recipes

INGREDIENTS 1 cup honey 1 ¼ cups PB2* (mixed) 1 ½ cups dry powdered milk 3 cups old fashioned oatmeal, uncooked 2 tablespoons wheat germ (optional) ½ cup mini chocolate chips (optional) PB2 NO-BAKE COOKIES FROM THE KITCHEN OF MARY McELGUNN, LANSING Mix PB2 powder* and water to create peanut butter according to directions on package. Combine all ingredients into bowl and mix with electric mixer. Roll into balls and place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Freeze until firm Read more [...]

Moving Up With Moxie

Written by Ami Iceman. Posted in Monthly Issues

Editor’s note: Welcome to Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine’s newest feature – Careers for Consideration. Every other month we will profile with a woman who has a career that some might consider out-of-the-box or perhaps a career that we never even knew existed. Know of such a woman? Email me at emily@cawlm.com and enjoy!  BIO Name: Trish Foster College and Degree: Michigan State University, bachelor's in accounting Current Employer: CBRE/Martin Years with Company: 20 Starting Read more [...]

Building a Super Reserve

Written by Susan Combs. Posted in Business Coach, Monthly Issues

One evening as I was breathing a sigh of relief at having made it to the gas station before the fumes ran out, I recalled an idea from Master Coach Thomas Leonard — building a Super Reserve. Why was I waiting until the stressful low gas light came on before filling up? Why not start the habit of filling up when the gas tank was at half full? Wouldn’t this be an easier, calmer way to live. Building a Super Reserve is one of the many practical chapters in Leonard’s book, The Portable Coach.He Read more [...]

Mother Flippin’: Summertime and Mommy’s Happy

Written by Tashmica Torok. Posted in Monthly Issues, Mother Flippin'

EDITOR'S NOTE: Meet Tashmica! She is our new mom columnist and will fill you in on her family’s adventures every other month. Have a topic you’d like her to cover? Shoot me an email, emily@cawlm.com. Enjoy! Summer means my doors burst wide open. My three boys, typically tied down to a school calendar and daily uniforms, arise ready to set out into the world, mismatched in attire and deed. I become the woman holding the door open in complete agreement. Let us all go barefoot! Let us all Read more [...]

Susan Hattis Hengesbach: The Best of Both Worlds

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Cover Stories, Monthly Issues

Photo by Lisa Twenter Standing comfortably in front of a tractor on her 110 acres in Westphalia, Susan Hattis Hengesbach wears heels and a white cocktail dress as if they are a standard farming uniform. With a big personality and the jewelry to match, Hengesbach laughs casually while her photo is taken and switches easily from conversations about state-wide business initiatives to tips on how to keep a clean car while living on a dirt road (incidentally, the secret is as simple as getting a car Read more [...]

3 Great Girls’ Getaways

Written by Ellen Dowling. Posted in Monthly Issues

According to AAA, 24 percent of American women have taken a girlfriend getaway in the past three years, and this percentage is on a steady rise. Why? Because after working hard and balancing the craziness of life, sometimes a small getaway is needed — or better said, mandatory. And never fear, because Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine (with the help of local travel agents from Let’s Go Travel in East Lansing and Capital Area Travel Leaders in Grand Ledge) has selected the best getaway Read more [...]

The $20 Fashion Challenge

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Fashion, Monthly Issues

The ladies here at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine love a good bargain. On any given day our offices are abuzz with talk of who got what and at what unbelievable price. With that in mind I gave three of our staff members a challenge and $20. Their mission? To find an entire outfit! Here’s what they came up with. Little Black (Summer) Dress By Anna Daugherty, The Bugler Attempting to locate an outfit for less than $20 might be difficult for some, but I'm notoriously cheap. The Read more [...]

Father & Son, Inc.: Two Father-Son Duos Share What it’s Like to Work Together

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Monthly Issues

Louis Soma & Gage Clark - Our Dance Studio Thirty-four years ago when Louis Soma answered an ad in a newspaper looking for dancers to train, he had no idea he’d stumbled on a career that would last a lifetime. Originally from the Detroit area, Soma was working in Grand Rapids when a co-worker showed him the newspaper ad. After a six-week training period Soma was the only dancer left standing and was offered a position teaching. “I consider myself very persistent,” said Soma Read more [...]

Dr. Portnoy & Dr. Tu: Plenty to Smile About

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Cover Stories, Monthly Issues

Sitting in their tidy, warm and inviting dental office both Dr. Portnoy and Dr. Tu appear much like any other professional dentists. And while they eventually followed a similar path as many dentists, the beginning of their paths were unlike any other. Imagine you’re a small child, around 7 years old. In the middle of the night your parents wake you up, hurry you in the dark to the coast and place you on a ship where you, still confused, remain for a number of days, encountering various obstacles, Read more [...]

Recipe of the Month: Sour Cream Kuchen

Written by CAWLM. Posted in Monthly Issues, Recipe of the Month

From the kitchen of Catherine Blatnik Ingredients 1 cup margarine 1 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups white flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup sour cream Topping 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup white sugar 2 teaspoons cinnamon Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream margarine and sugar until smooth with electric mixer or by- -hand with large spoon in large bowl. Add eggs, vanilla extract, Read more [...]

Events for May 2012

Written by CAWLM. Posted in Monthly Issues, Tri-County Events

EVENTS YEAR-ROUND — Abrams Planetarium, East Lansing. Space out on shows like Space Chase and Relics of the Big Bang. Space Chase is about the distant Zorthon Galaxy. Join Furg, Wox and Dinger as they try to avoid the dreaded Kangzor. These three teach you about the solar system. Age appropriate for kids from pre-school through third grade. Space Chase shows Sundays at 2:30 p.m. and Relics shows Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 4 p.m. Visit www.pa.msu.edu/abrams MAY 3-6 — Read more [...]

She Ran Away to the Circus

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Monthly Issues

Once a biochemist, Cirque du Soleil performing Denise Wal talks about following your dreams Born in Brazil, Wal always knew what she would be when she grew up. The daughter of a Kindergarten teacher and a college professor, Wal’s destiny was to continue in the family’s scholarly footsteps. And that she did. “I had a good career ahead of me,” said Wal. But while studying for her master’s degree in biochemistry, a professor changed the course of the research of a study they were conducting, Read more [...]


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