The Season of Entertainment

Written by Taylor Kelsaw. Posted in Columns, Entertainment Alley

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." -Albert Einstein “Back to life …. Back to reality.” School returns effect all of us in many ways. Whether you’re a parent, a student or an educator. Or if you have to drive down Grand River Avenue any time between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m., when August ends, we all get prepared as the upcoming school year returns us to some normality, in one way or another. The fall season also brings with it new television shows Read more [...]

Best-Selling Author of Downton Abbey Books Comes to East Lansing

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Columns

Jessica Fellowes, author of the official companion books to “Downton Abbey,” will be the keynote speaker at the 40th annual Kaleidoscope: Reflect. Recharge. Reimagine. on Friday, Sept. 5, presented by Sparrow Foundation and Women Working Wonders. This daylong event is at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing and is designed to empower, enrich and inspire women. It focuses on women’s health and education initiatives, and features unique opportunities to shop, learn and network. At Read more [...]

Montessori: Rethinking Childhood Education

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Columns

In the greater Lansing area, parents have a variety of excellent education options for their children. But how do parents decide which option is best for their child. Montessori is one option that asks parents to rethink how children are educated. Simply put, Montessori focuses on how kids learn, not what they learn. The Montessori classroom promotes independent learning and exploration by the child. In the Lansing area, there are three private Montessori schools for children ages 18 months to Read more [...]

Reflect for Recovery

Written by Shelley Davis Mielock. Posted in Columns, Image Focus

I had the amazing opportunity to spend five days at the Mirival Arizona last fall. It is the perfect place to reflect, relax and think about your purpose and passions in life. I strongly believe that every woman should be able to experience the resort at some time in her life. During my stay, I was able to work through the intense sense of loss and pain that I was still feeling from the death of my stepfather three and a half years before. I learned a lot about myself, and what drives my decisions Read more [...]

Mother Flippin’: After School

Written by Tashmica Torok. Posted in Columns, Mother Flippin'

It is time. This school year, all three of my children will be attending school all day, every day. It will be the first time in nearly seven years that I will not be walking the tightrope of my children’s conflicting schedules. With the exception of athletics and field trips, we will largely be in sync. It’s what my Google calendar has been dreaming of. I will drop them off at the same time and pick them up at the same time and in between, I will be gloriously, peacefully alone. I Read more [...]

Never Stop Learning

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

They say that everything you need to know, you learned in Kindergarten. Although I believe that you learned some pretty valuable things at that precious age, like how to share, the alphabet, counting, creativity and other important skills, it sure can’t keep pace with today’s changing needs in the workplace. I mean, who would have thought back then we would need to understand tweeting or blogging? I became interested in the idea of workplace development and contemplating the needs of employers Read more [...]

With a Capital EM: Ready to Make New MSU Memories

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Columns, With a Capital Em

I remember what I wore my first day of classes at MSU. Not much of an accomplishment since my weird party trick is remembering what I wore on any given occasion. I remember biking through campus, carefully following the route my best friend’s boyfriend had mapped out for me. I remember what the halls smelled like. I remember being super sweaty (nerves and a late-August heat wave), I even remember keeping my eyes open for any potential husbands (after all, college is where you meet “the Read more [...]

Get Pool Ready

Written by Jaime Hardesty. Posted in Columns, DIY

Finally it’s here! That warm, sunny weather that we all have not-so-patiently been waiting for … the summer sun and fun always put me in a great mood. I mean, how can you not be happy when the sun is shining? I love being outdoors working in my flower gardens, playing with the kids and watching them ride their bikes in the driveway and of course, SWIMMING! My family spends most of the summer at my sister’s house. She has a pool, which means that my kids would like to live there if they could. For Read more [...]

Local Women: Monica M. Del Castillo

Written by Danielle OBrien. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

When she was only 5 years old, Monica M. Del Castillo emigrated from Havana, Cuba to the United States with her parents and three siblings. Her parents, Guillermo and Modesta Del Castillo, chose to move to America to give their children the chance to grow up in the land of freedom and opportunity. Del Castillo said, “Their courage to leave their families, their home and their culture, is something that I can appreciate so much more now that I’ve experienced what they left behind.” This past Read more [...]

Stay Happy (& Healthy) In The Heat

Written by Shelley Davis Mielock. Posted in Columns, Image Focus

I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and I really, really, really love this state. Four seasons to relish in, some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and beautiful lakes. People who haven’t been to the mitten state are missing out on something spectacular! Admittedly, the winters around here are tough, but the payoff of spring, summer and fall are well worth it. Of course, if I were forced to pick a season, summer would be the winner. This. Is. My. Time. Of. Year. Summer takes on a Read more [...]

Queen of the Road: LOVE. Vegas Style

Written by Lisa Kost. Posted in Columns, Queen of the Road

What is there to love about Vegas? The answer is; it depends. Truth be known, I’ve been to Vegas a lot over the years, mostly because my husband plays in a pool (billiards) tournament every year, but also because there is something about the city I find strange and beautifully addictive. Where else can you see a naked nun, or an elderly couple speeding through a casino on matching scooters or a woman carrying a 40-pound headdress who is practically undressed? And in what other American city Read more [...]

Ready. Set. Let’s Take on the Summer

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

Carpe diem! Sometimes it’s easy to let life stand in your way — work, family and a crazy amount of responsibilities. It isn’t easy to find a place of positivity and seize the day. That’s right, I quoted Robin Williams’ character from Dead Poet’s Society to remind you that every day is a gift. When is the last time you worked diligently to ensure your free time was productive, rewarding and satisfying? I’m definitely a goal-oriented person. In everything I do, I need to envision Read more [...]


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