Holiday Card Luminary

Written by Jaime Hardesty. Posted in Columns, DIY

If you are like me, you get all sorts of Christmas cards in the mail and end up tossing them out at the end of the season. This year, I decided to make use of them and repurpose them into Luminaries. Not only am I doing something useful with them, but I am also getting a jump-start on some holiday gift giving for next year. These are so cute and so easy to make. They make adorable teacher gifts or are great for anyone else on your list that you just need an extra item for. Have fun and happy crafting! If Read more [...]

Health Tips From M3 Group

Written by CAWLM. Posted in Monthly Issues

Jill Bailey I drink water all day because I'd rather eat my calories than drink them! Virgina bernero I like to go directly from work to my gym or fitness activity. Planning on going straight from my office to my workout class is a sure way to make sure I don't find an excuse not to get to the gym when I get home! Kyle Dowling Walk your dog every day for additional exercise and fun for your pup! Tiffany Dowling I like to use smaller plates and bowls to keep portions right sized. Brooke Read more [...]

Settling In

Written by Tina Sutterlin. Posted in Monthly Issues

Editor’s Note: Welcome to a special series from the Sutterlin Family. This month, the family wraps up their experience hosting a German high school exchange student. Enjoy! From the Sutterlin Family After waiting for a few months and communicating only by email, we felt we knew Sophie, but she was still a stranger when we met at the airport. She was the outsider joining four overjoyed people, which must have been overwhelming, especially after such a long trip. It only took a few miles for Read more [...]

Queen of the Road: Diary of a Winter Wimp

Written by Lisa Kost. Posted in Columns, Queen of the Road

November 24 “It snowed today ... so beautiful. The flakes were big and fluffy and I feel like I am walking on a cloud.” December 1 “It snowed today ... it’s really cold. No one really told me about the wind chill. What happened to that yellow ball in the sky?” December 30 “It snowed today ... the weatherman lied. My face is as white as (bleeped). I feel like getting into my sweats and sleeping until (bleeped) May.” Here’s my advice. Don’t walk, RUN, to your computer and Read more [...]

A Happy Healthy New Year

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in From the Publisher, Monthly Issues

Welcome to 2015! It’s time for a fresh start. We get to turn the page and make this year anything we want it to be. For me, I’m planning to be a little more focused on my health. When you’re young, you think that bad things can’t happen to you. In fact, we used to think we were invincible. And, with that in mind, we lived our lives a little recklessly. As a young person, you climbed that huge tree at your friend’s house, played on the railroad tracks a few streets over, built a fort Read more [...]

Take Time to Reflect and Recharge This Holiday Season

Written by Taylor Kelsaw. Posted in Columns, Entertainment Alley

It’s a Wrap, a great topic for many reasons for me. For one it is the name of one my favorite stores in Burbank, CA where you can purchase an actual wardrobe from movies and TV shows of today. It’s a Wrap is the only store in the world where you can buy these clothes. The other reason I like the phrase (I.A.W.) is that it comes at the end of the year. It’s a reflection of the months gone by that begins to settle in as we remember the highs and lows of the past year. We prepare ourselves for Read more [...]

Countdown to the Holidays

Written by Jennifer Hodges. Posted in Columns, DIY

For this month’s DIY Quick craft I chose to make something that would be inexpensive and easy. We love to countdown the days until Christmas in our home. That is where my inspiration came from. I got a little crazy with chalkboard paint and painted plates, plate chargers and wine glasses. I decided to paint the inside of the charger plate and the base of the wine glasses with the chalkboard paint. The plate will be used for a decoration to show the "Countdown to Christmas" and the wine Read more [...]

Annie, A Wharton Center Feature

Written by Kalynne McIntyre. Posted in Monthly Issues

Our favorite redheaded orphan is back! Don’t miss Annie, featured at the Wharton Center Tuesday, Dec. 16 through Sunday, Dec. 21. Directed by original lyricist and director Martin Charnin, this production of Annie will be a fresh take on the beloved original. Full of courage and positivity, Annie is set on finding her parents, who abandoned her as a baby on the doorstep of a local orphanage run by the uncaring, bitter Miss Hannigan. With some help and a lot of luck, Annie escapes the orphanage Read more [...]

Roma Bakery Owner Celebrates Release of New Cookbook

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Columns, From Italy With Love

Roma Bakery & Deli has delighted customers with delicious, homemade Italian fare for more than 45 years. For owners, Sostine and Filomena Castriciano, their customers are the inspiration behind their cooking and baking. It is not uncommon to see Filomena, or Mena as she likes to be called, sharing recipes with a customer over coffee or telling stories about her early life back in Italy. It’s her genuine warmth and interest in every person who walks through the door that brings customers back Read more [...]

Greater Lansing 100 Women Who Care

Written by Kalynne McIntyre. Posted in Monthly Issues

Sometimes the best things start out as something small. Both Rose Zack and Donna Oade have spent their lives volunteering in the Greater Lansing community. Just when they began looking around for their next project, they began to hear of a local women’s group in Jackson, Mich. called ‘100 Women Who Care’ that was doing great things. 100 Women Who Care meets four times a year, with each meeting lasting one hour. Each member agrees to commit to one year at a time, which involves donating Read more [...]

Women are Complicated, our Lives are a Combination of so Many Things

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

As a woman who has worked for the better part of my life, I feel a certain responsibility to help the next generation of females succeed. I try to find ways to impart the things I’ve learned over the years so they can benefit from the experience. After all, there is no reason for any one to take on the bumps unnecessarily. Over the last few weeks, I had two women approach me — not about the plight of women in the workplace with male counterparts — but about how women are becoming more and Read more [...]

Sparrow Hospital Guild Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Written by Deborah Ginsburg. Posted in City Spotlight, Columns

Not many organizations reach 90 years of existence, so hitting that milestone is something to celebrate. And that’s exactly what the 90-year-old Sparrow Hospital Guild did this fall. This group of dedicated women have spent the past 90 years, true to their mission; raising money to support Sparrow Hospital. To date, Sparrow Guild has raised over $1.2 million in support of patient care at Sparrow. To mark their 90th Anniversary a celebration was held Friday evening Oct. 10, at the home of Read more [...]


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