Entertainment Alley: Home Sweet Home

Written by Taylor Kelsaw. Posted in Columns, Entertainment Alley

I love getting to see other people’s homes. I love seeing what makes them feel comfortable in their private settings. Our homes are certainly an extension of who we are from outside in. What covers the walls of our homes gives us hope, brings back memories, changes our mood and helps us relax. A few scientists I know study the brain and what they tell me is that you can make your home sweet. Here are some hints for an entertaining happy, sweeter, home: 1. Put it back — If you have a room in Read more [...]

Mother Flippin: The Lonely Mother’s Heart Club

Written by Tashmica Torok. Posted in Columns, Mother Flippin'

The principal of my sons’ school asked me if I was lonely. I laughed louder and harder than was necessary. No. I am not lonely. All three of my children have started school. This means that I drop them off at 7:40 a.m. and I pick them up at 2:45 p.m. every day. This means that I have seven glorious hours of uninterrupted work, play, lunch, do-whatever-the-hell-I-wanna-do time every day for the first time since my son Isaiah was born 11 years ago. I am not lonely. I am ambitious. I am busy. Read more [...]

October is STEM Careers Month

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Monthly Issues

Michigan anticipates a shortage of 274,000 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals by 2018. Women receive 60 percent of all post high school degrees but only 28 percent are STEM degrees, according to the State of Michigan. It’s for these reasons and more that the Michigan STEM Partnership exists. The Michigan STEM Partnership is a statewide, nonprofit, public-private collaborative that includes educators, employers, policy-makers and others who are concerned about Read more [...]

Life Lived Lakeside

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

A woman can always change her mind. Even after 20 years. Have you ever completely flipped on an opinion you’ve held for a very long time? Well, recently I was shown the error of my ways, or more importantly, the compromise I could make to have the best of both worlds. I’ve always been adamant that I was not a lake person. My husband grew up going to the cottage every weekend and while he loved it, I felt that it was a bit limiting for us as a family. After all, I love to travel and have Read more [...]

DIY: Boo to You!

Written by Jennifer Hodges. Posted in Columns, DIY

I don’t think I'll ever have enough Halloween decorations in our house! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. From ghosts to goblins to tricks and treats! This month’s DIY is one you can use as a decoration for years to come on your front door or just hanging in the hallway. I loved mixing up the colors of orange, green and purple to create a BOO sign! This is a quick craft you can create for yourself or for a neighbor to go along with goodies as part of the “booing Read more [...]

The Art for Charlie Foundation Helping Grieving Familes Find Hope

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Monthly Issues

The Art for Charlie Foundation may have been born out of one family’s tragedy, but it now lives on to provide hope, support and education for families who’ve experienced the loss of a child. John and Abigail Waller are finding renewed hope after their son, Charlie, died last year due to a terminal illness. “Charlie’s story isn’t over by his death. Our family now spends a lot of time and energy doing the (work of the) Foundation, as we take a day at a time, trying to figure out how to Read more [...]

With a Capital EM: A Golden Home

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Columns, With a Capital Em

Flowers and chevron and paisley and quatrefoil oh my! (Don’t feel bad if you have to look up what quatrefoil is, I did too, despite the fact that I have two quatrefoil rugs). I like pattern. I like color. And in turn, so does my house. Given that I have cream couches and builder beige walls I feel I have the right to throw in color and pattern and texture where I see fit. This was working just perfectly for me until my friends started to have this reaction. “There is something Read more [...]

Queen of the Road: The Road to Riches

Written by Lisa Kost. Posted in Columns, Queen of the Road

When you get to be my age, you understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. Jobs change, circumstances, too, and you begin to see that the fastest way from Point A to B is not always a straight line. Well, it might be the fastest, but certainly it isn’t the most interesting. I organize a “girls’ weekend” with my daughter, Sarah, every Spring, but this year it was clear that she was navigating by her own compass. By the time we left Lansing, she had already researched fun things Read more [...]

Sports Savvy: College Football: New Season, New Rules

Written by Kristin Porter. Posted in Columns, Sports Savvy

If you are one of the 43 million college football fans in this country, you may be aware that the sport will be adopting a new post season format for the 2014-2015 campaign. Let’s break it down, since it takes a pretty involved fan to process the changes. Out with the old … Here’s what we’re leaving behind: 5 Bowl Games: Previously, outcomes of bowl games had no bearing on one another and did not decide the players in the national championship game. A free pass: In years past, bowl Read more [...]

Staying Business-Focused While Enjoying Life

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

I reminded my 17-year-old son recently that while this is a great season of his life, the best is yet to come. The reason we were having this conversation is that he is trying to drag every last show-stopping second out of summer to the point of exhaustion. He didn’t want to work at all and definitely wanted to play all the time. Now, my youngest son and I have a lot in common, but my drive to work at a young age is definitely not a quality we share. I had a paper route and babysat kids of all Read more [...]

With a Capital EM: The Business of Having Fun

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Columns, With a Capital Em

I had a lot of great nights during my younger years. I’m talking the stuff coming-of-age movies are made of. Lots of friends, lots of laughs, just the right amount of drama and chaos and always a late-night re-hash session with my roommates. One of those great nights happened to be a St. Paddy’s celebration in college. I’m not quite sure what made it so, so perfect, but it just was. My friend Laura and I — usually going our own way to say “hi” to other friends (or great looking Read more [...]

Foster Parents: Loving Children Through Their Most Vulnerable Times

Written by Kristine Richmond. Posted in Monthly Issues

Many of us have probably passed by a foster child at one time in our lives, either in the hallway at school or walking down the street, but we never realized it. Perhaps a thought had crossed your mind that you would look into becoming a foster parent … someday. Even though the decision to be a foster parent may appear unlikely for some, for the 13,000 children currently living in Michigan foster care, it’s the most important decision a person can make. Foster care identifies and places children Read more [...]


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