Good News April 2016

Local Meridian Township Business Expanding and MovingKellie Murphy, local owner and founder of Kellie’s Consignments, is pleased to announce the address of their brand new store location. Kellie’s Consignments’ new store will be located at 5000 ...
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Décor Diva

HI, I’M MELISSA — a homeowner, wife and dog mom of two. I’m an event planner, fashion lover and have an itch for everything home décor and DIY. I’m no expert, I just love to do it! As a young and growing family in our very first home, naturally, I’d like to give our fixer upper a stylish face lift all at once. ...
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DIY Quick Crafts

Marble AnythingIf you’re looking for an easy, fun and colorful DIY this spring, look no further! This project is deceptively simple and you’ll want to marble everything!I’ve had a few basic white ceramic plates lying around my house for years that ...
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Financial Facts

Loans 101: Questions You Should Ask Before Applying There’s a loan product for almost everything: cars, school expenses, vacations and computers to name a few. Chances are you have had or will have a loan in your lifetime. Even for those experienced ...
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From the Publisher

Empower the Women in Your LifeWomen are complicated. Inherently, we believe we have to take responsibility for everything. We worry. We plan. We organize. We give what we have to others. Mostly, we believe that the work is never done. And, honestly that’s ...
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The Book Corner

If you’re looking for a funny read about a woman who struggles to get through the day (much like the rest of us do, except the rest of us probably don’t travel with stuffed raccoons), this is the book for you. Jenny Lawson brings hilarity, anxiety and taxidermy animals to the forefront of her new book, Furiously Happy. ...
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The Unconventional Valentine’s Day Dates

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It can be a whirlwind of excitement when you’re in a new relationship and don’t know what to expect from your significant other. If you’ve been a pair for a while, you probably have a good idea of what your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend has up their sleeve when this Hallmark® holiday rolls around. While it’s always nice to receive a beautiful bouquet and go to the fanciest restaurant in town, it’s even more fun to switch things up... ...
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