Dirty Dancing

The 80s are back! Don’t miss Dirty Dancing at the Wharton Center this November, running from November 10-15. As one of the most iconic love stories of all time, Dirty Dancing as a live musical experience is a performance that will leave you breathless. ...
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Maple Makeover

Iabsolutely love Pottery Barn; I could spend every penny of mine in that wonderful store, but my husband won’t let me. As a young and newly married woman, I have to get realistic and save a little cash and get creative! I had an old dresser made from ...
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An Ireland Adventure

Everyone has a place they would like to visit. I have a pretty long list of locations that I want to travel to someday. I’ve always loved seeing new places and coming to understand a bit of a new culture. It helps give me perspective on life and it ...
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Gold Dipped Pots

My current home décor obsession is succulents. They add some green to your home and are low-maintenance all year round. You will be surprised how much you can liven up your windowsill or tabletop with a colorful piece of nature. I decided to add a pop ...
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Dealing with Diabetes

By Della Hughes-CarterEditor’s Note: This is part one of a two part feature. Be sure to pick up the September CAWLM for part 2.Lyle Adkins was feeling fatigued, had extreme thirst and was always hungry, but what concerned him the most were episodes ...
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