CADSA Supports Local Families, Looks to Future Growth

Written by Ami Iceman. Posted in Monthly Issues

As Katie plays happily in the corner with her brother Jack and Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle photographer, Mary, her heartwarming laughter fills the room and her smile spans from ear to ear. Like any child, Katie enjoys playtime, her afternoon snack and snuggling with her parents on the couch. Katie also has Down syndrome, but this handicap is only one part of the adorable little blonde and her parents agree that it will not be the part that defines her. “We talked about this before Katie Read more [...]

A Spooktacular DIY Project

Written by Jennifer Hodges. Posted in Columns, DIY

Witches, goblins and ghosts! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. My daughter and I love to decorate the house with every spooky decoration we can find. We decorate the inside and even the outdoors for the big night when trick–or-treaters make their way to our spooktacular haunted house. With this month’s DIY craft you can create ghosts for the inside of your home or you can use them outside. Tie fishing line to your ghost and hang to create a dancing effect. This DIY ghost is easy and Read more [...]

Creative Calendar

Written by Jaime Hardesty. Posted in Columns, DIY

Like most people, I love to pin. I am ADDICTED to Pinterest and one of my favorite things to pin is craft ideas. So, while perusing the other day, I stumbled across this cute idea for a calendar. I thought this was perfect for this month’s DIY as the theme is She Means Business. What busy mom, student, business woman, etc. couldn’t find value in an adorable calendar? If you, like me, love to pin and re-create, send me a picture of your work to I always love to see what others Read more [...]

The Business of Casual Dressing

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Fashion, Features, Monthly Issues

Each year when our She Means Business issue comes out, we here at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine gather a selection of classic business attire. This year, however, we got thinking. There are plenty of women who mean business and don’t wear suits. In fact, some mean business in the athletic world and some mean business all while wearing casual wear. For a few selections of out-of-the-box business attire, we turned to our friends at Playmakers. Here is what they came up with. Running Read more [...]

For Pete’s Take: She Means Business

Written by Pete Ruffing. Posted in Columns, For Pete's Take

When I look back at all the women who have “meant business” in my life it’s a long and illustrious list. I’m not talking business as in the running a business or managing people business. I mean the “kid you better straighten up” business. As in —“no funny business.” Here is short list of some of the “Business Women” who impacted my life in some small way. I have to start with my Grandma Loretta. One hundred percent Irish, she was born, raised and lived her entire life surrounded Read more [...]

No Matter Their Title, Women Mean Business

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

There is an ongoing debate regarding the way men and women are different. Obviously, there are the physical characteristics, but do men and women really have emotional or intellectual differences that skew by gender? I spent some time online to see if I could find any research that truly supports these claims. It’s fascinating but it was a challenge to find anything that wasn’t directly contradicted by another research report. So, I did what any woman would do. I listened to my own instincts. Read more [...]

Healing the Body & Soul

Written by Katelyn Sweet. Posted in Monthly Issues

She beat cancer three times. She overcame a divorce. She’s raised two children while running a successful business. A superhero in disguise, attacking life and its obstacles with a holistic approach, is ACC Natural Healing and Wellness owner, Karen Kraft. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a passion of Kraft’s since her college years when she studied nutrition at Jackson Community College and taught aerobics. “I was the happiest I had ever been, because I felt so good,” she said. Read more [...]

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Written by Shelley Davis Mielock. Posted in Columns, Image Focus

Life begins just outside your comfort zone, and I’ve been uncomfortable all summer! I don’t know if it’s the self-reflective time that you’re promised when you turn 40 (I hit that milestone in January), or if it’s the sneaky way life has of presenting obstacles over and over until you finally learn how to clear them away (neatly and constructively, of course). The months have flown by and I’m not too sure all that I have to show for it, other than a reaffirmed belief of the strength and Read more [...]

Sports Savvy: Survey Says!

Written by Kristin Porter. Posted in Columns, Sports Savvy

If you open any issue of Sports Illustrated, you'll probably come across a story covering the strides women have made in athletics, by playing, coaching, and owning sports teams. And rightly so! But there's some uncharted territory which isn't often addressed. So I set out to uncover if society has made as many strides in how we perceive women sports FANS. Because I speak sports as a second language, I’ve encountered reactions (from men and women alike) ranging from surprise, adoration and camaraderie, Read more [...]

With a Capital EM: Life Lessons for Lainie

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Columns, With a Capital Em

Armed with a $20 bill and a reluctant smile on her face, my youngest sister Lainie marched toward the cabana area. My other sister Tricia and I watched closely as we attempted to teach Lainie a valuable life lesson — bargaining. The cost to rent two chairs and an umbrella was $25, I only had a $20. We figured our girls’ trip to Tybee Island, Ga., was as good a time as any to loop Lainie into something we have been skilled at for years. While my sister Tricia and I seem to have been Read more [...]

The Wild West Welcomes A Group Of Local Women This August

Written by Katelyn Sweet. Posted in Monthly Issues

Barbara Ball-McClure is a born and raised Michigander. She attended East Lansing High School and studied at Michigan State University, but her heart lives out West. After traveling all 50 states and growing an avid love for outdoor adventure she ending up creating a special attachment to Glacier National Park in Columbia Falls, Mont. Spending countless weekends camping and hiking the mountains, Ball-McClure said her love for the park became something she wanted to devote more time and energy Read more [...]

Entertainment Alley: Local Boy Makes it to Hollywood

Written by Taylor Kelsaw. Posted in Columns, Entertainment Alley

This month I got to chat with Michigan-born television and film actor Joey Kloberdanz about acting and growing up in Saginaw. Taylor: “Hey Joey what was life like for you in Saginaw?” Joey: “It was pretty typical growing up in the mid-west lifestyle in a pretty big family with two brothers and two sisters. After graduation from Western Michigan University, I moved to LA to pursue acting.” Taylor: “Well, in just five years you have landed a few major roles. That’s just not typical Read more [...]


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