Crafting With the Luck O’ the Irish

Written by Jaime Hardesty. Posted in DIY

Get in the festive spirit with this Clothes Pin Quick Craft for St. Patty’s Day. I don’t know if I am alone in this or not, but I feel like I have decorations for just about every holiday except St. Patrick’s Day. I decided this year that I was bound to have something to celebrate the day and so yes, I went to my old standby Pinterest and started searching for ideas. When I came upon this cute little clothes pin wreath, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. So cute, so simple, so Read more [...]

With a Capital EM: Time to Pay the Tanning Toll

Written by Emily Caswell. Posted in Columns, With a Capital Em

As far as vices go, I have to think that the tanning salon is hardly the worst. Yet, as I embark on what I am going to fondly call, The Moley Grail Removal, I am cursing myself for each and every time I lathered up and baked. That’s a lie. I loved each and every time and even right now as I type this column I’d much rather be in a tanning bed. But when I went in for my physical this year and the doc took note of a super-dark mole on my back, I decided it is probably better to be safe Read more [...]

Food for Thought … on Food

Written by Shelley Davis Mielock. Posted in Columns, Image Focus

Like many women, I sometimes have a dysfunctional relationship with food. It’s sad really since it’s something we all must have to survive. Some days, it’s nothing more than the fuel I need to keep myself moving forward productively. Other days it is my best friend, giving me comfort and temporarily taking away the blues. This pattern is not unique to me, and it is equally as vexing to others I know who are prone to this vicious cycle. I am a huge proponent of healthy living and goal setting, Read more [...]

For Pete’s Take: A Man’s Place

Written by Pete Ruffing. Posted in Columns, For Pete's Take

Mom had her kitchen and Dad had his grill. Outside of the holidays and those rare occasions when Mom went to her friend’s for bridge club, Dad rarely ventured into the kitchen to prepare a meal. Grab a beer from the fridge, yes. Make a meal that’s waiting for his family’s arrival, no. That’s one of those socio-economic trends most sited, men went to work and women stayed home with the kids. Those days are long gone with career-oriented women in the workforce for decades. Having Dad in Read more [...]

Sports Savvy: Tips to Turn Your March Madness Bracket Into Mad Money

Written by Kristin Porter. Posted in Columns, Monthly Issues, Sports Savvy

It's coming. The day when your office-mates turn into competitive, know-it-all gamblers, hiding the live CBS Sports feed on their smart phones. March Madness, college basketball's championship tournament, is here. This year is different though. Multi-billionaire, Warren Buffett, is offering $1 billion to any person who correctly picks the winner of every game. Whether you're a knowledgeable fan or just wondering what all the hype is about, this is the year to join the 60 percent of Americans Read more [...]

A Healthy Obsession

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

No one can deny that we’ve turned into an all or nothing society. We are addicted to having more fun, eating healthier (or not), getting more or newer technology, finding more time … well, you get the picture. I’m not immune to this phenomenon. I’m the first to admit that I might have a problem. When I get involved in something I have a tendency to take it to the extreme. I’ve been known to begin a workout routine and fad diet and obsess over it to the point where I drive myself and Read more [...]

A Pet’s Tale: Pooch Protection and More

Written by Meg Bashore. Posted in A Pet's Tale, Columns, Features

Welcome to A Pet’s Tale! Every other month I will answer your pet questions right here in the pages of Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine. As an avid pet lover (I currently have three pets and they are my babies) and long-time team member at Soldan’s Pet Supplies, I am excited to share my expertise with other pet lovers. Send your questions to Q. I've adopted a shelter pet who's been abused. He's coming around, but do you have some suggestions for building trust with Read more [...]

Already in Love with 2014

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

It’s taken a few weeks but I’m officially excited about 2014. Maybe it was the crazy weather that held things up for me or it could have been the late rebound from the holiday shenanigans (I’m getting older after all) or the heavier than usual workload over the last few weeks of last year, but now I’m ready. This year has the potential to be the best year yet. In fact, my optimism cup is definitely overflowing right now. I know you might be saying that it’s dramatically cold outside Read more [...]

Lights, Camera, the Oscars!

Written by Danielle OBrien. Posted in Monthly Issues

Have you ever wished that you could experience the glitz and glamour of a celebrity without breaking your bank? This Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetie to a special evening out by listening to music that has been featured in the most noteworthy films throughout the ages. With Oscar season just around the corner, there is no better time to celebrate the films that we all know and love. The greater Lansing Symphony’s program titled, “Lights, Camera… The Oscars!” will take place at 8 p.m. Read more [...]

Local Women: Stephanie Milosavlevski

Written by Kyle Dowling. Posted in Local Women, Monthly Issues

Stephanie Milosavlevski Certified Financial Planner Stephanie Milosavlevski is a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in addressing the challenges that women in the workplace face. As a working professional, Milosavlevski understands that it’s difficult to keep up with the daily demands of an active schedule and still have enough time for managing finances. But working together with her clients, she can help people gain control and feel more confident about their financial future. Milosavlevski Read more [...]

A Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day

Written by Jennifer Hodges. Posted in Columns, DIY

My daughter just turned 11 … yep she is growing up! I think these are the tween years. When she was in elementary school we would always have so much fun picking out cute Valentine’s Day cards for her to exchange with her classmates. Now that she is getting older, I’m not sure they exchange the cute cartoon or kitty cat valentines in middle school. I do know she will probably still want to give sweet treats to her close friends and I will encourage her to give her teachers a little something Read more [...]


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