About the Classroom

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Editor’s Note: Welcome to a special series from the Sutterlin Family. This month, the family continues the account of their experience hosting a German high school exchange student. Enjoy! From Sophie The education systems of America and Germany are very different. The biggest difference I think is that German students can’t choose their schedule until 11th grade. My American school schedule has fewer classes that occur daily and are separated by semesters, which makes for shorter spans Read more [...]

Trends in Learning and Development

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With this month’s theme focused on trends, let’s take a look at trends in learning and leadership development in the business world. Leadership development is a hot topic these days. The purse strings have finally loosened following the years of the clamp-down survival mode of the recession and, after companies halted spending in general, years of pent up demand for training and development have emerged with some urgency. Combine this with the big demographic shift of the Baby Boomers retiring Read more [...]

Flex Their Way to Success

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Trista Parisian and Jenny Quinn know fitness; both women live active lifestyles and have degrees in the health field. They may be living a fit life, but they noticed that gyms were lacking something; many gym-goers, especially women, didn’t know what to do when they go to the gym. Many would spend an hour running on the treadmill and then go home, not even touching the weights — they didn't know how to get the most out of their workouts. With this in mind, the two friends decided to open their Read more [...]

Work in Style

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Don’t let the cold weather dampen your fashion inspiration! The ladies here at Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine know how to rock great outfits even in the most frigid temperatures. Kellie’s Consignments has once again put together some great looks that will be sure to turn heads and keep you warm this month. Check out our favorite office outfits! Rule the Room This look is sassy and confident, which is why we love it. A louder print on a jacket calls for simple pieces underneath Read more [...]

Grocery Budgeting How to Keep your Fridge and Wallet Full

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When it comes to creating a budget, there are many factors to take into consideration. From monthly bills to one-time expenses, it’s important to plan for both the expected and the unexpected. Although you may not have full control over every expense, you can take control of one of the biggest spending categories — food and groceries. Spending money on food and groceries may be necessary each month, but through proper budgeting, planning and smart shopping, it doesn’t have to be your biggest Read more [...]

The Women We Are

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Bod•y im•age: The subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. Every time you turn on the TV, flip through a magazine or listen to the radio, the topic is up for discussion. In a time where Photoshopping images is not only acceptable but expected, society is more skeptical than ever of what a “true” woman should look like. So how do we get people to realize that not looking like the model on a magazine cover is perfectly acceptable? To combat the idea of the unattainable, Read more [...]

Kingsman the Secret Service

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Kingsman: The Secret Service is a modern spy film based on Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ 2012 comic series, The Secret Service. The movie follows Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton), whose late father secretly worked for a British spy organization called the Kingsmen. Years later, Eggsy, who is on track to spend his life behind bars, is recruited to be a trainee in this secret organization by his father’s friend, Harry Hart (Colin Firth). During this process, a plot to start a worldwide killing Read more [...]

Life as a Zebra Foundation

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Chalked hands clap to gather as the gymnast approaches the mat. Her toned body saunters into place. At the sound of a buzzer, her muscular legs carry her as she flies across the mat; arms springing her into place after several flips. Turn, jump, twist, land and stick it. Running outside on the trail the spring. The sun beating down. Arms pumping, breath quickening with the pace. One leg in front of the other, propelling further and further toward the finish line. These were the everyday activities Read more [...]

I ‘guana Tell You a Secret

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It's a jungle out there. Let's face it, traveling is not for the weak, especially when it comes to flight delays, baggage mix-ups and the occasional angry airport encounter. But here are my top five travel secrets for the road warrior. Always be nice to the travel agent. Make real eye contact, thank them profusely and repeatedly — they can make or break your travel schedule. Never rely completely on the agent or airline to get you where you need to go. Although this may seem counter to Read more [...]

Tabooli Mediterranean

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When your day is filled with work and meetings, it can be hard to find time to sit down to lunch, and if you’re like a lot of people and you aren’t willing to eat at a fast food place, it can be almost impossible. Tabooli, located on East Michigan Ave., gives hungry people in a hurry a tasty, less greasy alternative to fast food. I stopped at the Mediterranean restaurant on my lunch break recently, and if I’m completely honest, I wasn’t sure that I would like it. As someone who has eaten Read more [...]


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Curvaceous Old Town Lingerie Store Caters to Every Woman It's hard to miss the bright pink building when you're driving down East Grand River St. in Old Town. Filled with colorful lingerie that makes your eyes dance, and trinkets made by family members decorating the walls, the inside of the store has the attitude to match the exterior. “I come from an artsy family,” says Curvaceous Lingerie owner Lauren Long. As exciting as this space is, the spunky entrepreneur began her business in Read more [...]

Grand Ledge Emergency Assistance Program

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This month, we recognize the Grand Ledge Emergency Assistance Program (GLEAP), a nonprofit organization working in the Grand Ledge Public School District (GLPS) to assist families with utility bills, transportation, food, medicine and housing needs. GLEAP’s mission is to provide short-term, emergency financial relief for families and individuals in need. They work to coordinate fundraising efforts and distribute funds generated by local schools, faith-based organizations, businesses and community-based Read more [...]


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