Local Women: Karen May

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Growing With Her Business and Her Family Karen May Owner of May Family Chiropractic Not many people can say that they have traveled around the United States, France, Austria and Canada with the U.S. Olympic bobsledding team, but Karen May can. Karen is a chiropractor and sports medicine physician, and being asked to join the Olympic bobsledding medical staff while they tour is just one of the accomplishments she is most proud of. Karen has come a long way from where she started in 2007 Read more [...]

Local Women: Kristin Shelley

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Breathing New Life Into East Lansing's Library Kristin Shelley Director of East Lansing Public Library Did you think that the library was going out of style? Think again. Director of the East Lansing Public Library, Kristin Shelley, is making sure that won’t happen anytime soon. The Ohio native followed her love of knowledge and athenaeum to Michigan. Kristin loved the idea of coming to live in the thriving atmosphere of a college town. She worked as a manager for her hometown library, Read more [...]

Pricilla Bordayo

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Following a Plan That's not Her Own Pricilla Bordayo, 29, the new unexpected author has begun her first book, an autobiography called, The Secret Life. In this memoir she bares her soul by discussing her troubled past, present restoration and hopes of her future. She unveils things about herself that had the potential to break her but instead, they lead her to what she is so passionate about today: justice, forgiveness, and God's will. She takes us through traumatic events that are both known Read more [...]

Romy Crawford

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Making a Difference in Senior's Lives Owner of the Greater Lansing Seniors Helping Seniors Romy Crawford, the owner of the Greater Lansing Seniors Helping Seniors facility opened her center when she realized that sick people get lonely, but also that lonely people get sick. It is her mission to ensure that there are no more lonely senior citizens if she can help it. SHS is a resource for two types of seniors. It is for the recently retired who are still looking to fulfill a purpose in life, Read more [...]

Bringing Stories to Life Through Video

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Karen Stefl Executive Producer and Director at Such Video Karen Stefl loves a lot of things in life; her two children (of course), cooking and philanthropy, to name a few. She is also able to do something that she loves every day at work — Stefl is able to channel all of her creativity as a professional storyteller. As a partner for Such Video, as well as the executive producer and director, Stefl is able to bring stories to life for her clients. She has always known that she wanted to work Read more [...]

Creating Beautiful Blooms for All to Enjoy

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Ashlee Willis Owner of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor LLC Mother of two, dedicated scholar, thriving small business owner, Ashlee Willis still dreams of reaching greater heights. Willis, owner of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor LLC is a powerhouse. The stay-at-home mom began her business in 2009 with the idea that she would just be pursuing her longtime love for art. That small idea grew. When she started making floral arrangements, the main way she marketed herself was through social media and word-of-mouth. Read more [...]

Faithfully Serving Her Community

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Jodi Harkema Director of Christian Services You could say that Jodi Harkema is a natural born giver. The director of Christian Services in Lansing was handed the torch for the business that her stepmother started 30 years ago. When founder, Mary Anne stepped down, Harkema, as well as her co-director Liz Yungquest, took over. “It took two of us to replace Mary Anne,” Harkema said. The mother of two is strong in her faith and is dedicated to following the path that God has laid out for her. Read more [...]

Local Women: Paulette Granberry Russell

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Creating Conversations for Change Sr. Advisor to the President for Diversity, and Director of the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University As the Senior Advisor to the President for Diversity at Michigan State University, Paulette Granberry Russell's responsibilities include facilitating and monitoring effective strategies to advance a diverse and inclusive university. As Director of the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, she leads efforts Read more [...]

Local Women: Ann Weber

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Enjoying the Small Things Marketing and Web Advisor, O'Donnell's “on the spot” Repair Ann Weber earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Chemical Engineering. She spent her time in school researching the conversion of sugar into high-valued chemicals traditionally made from petroleum. She continued her study of composite materials under Dr. Richard Wool at the University of Delaware. There she spent two years earning her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. During this time, Weber Read more [...]

Local Women: Linda Parkinson

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Jump into Jazzercise Linda Parkinson Owner of DeWitt Jazzercise Linda Parkinson encourages everyone to take the time to make their health a priority, saying that it is a matter of balance. She is the mother of three grown kids, has a full-time job and owns DeWitt Jazzercise still, she thinks she’s found a good balance in her life. Parkinson has been involved in the fitness industry around the greater Lansing area for many years. She became passionate about health and fitness because of the Read more [...]

Local Women: Roxanne Landes

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Proud of her Pub Co-Owner of REO Town Pub The REO Town Pub is a small, fun pub on South Washington, with a nice patio out front. Roxanne Landes bought the REO Town Pub along with her husband, Craig, and their best friend Jack Oliver, because they all thought that it would be fun and a good opportunity to run a business together. The pub has many great craft beers and does great monthly food and beer pairings. “We pride ourselves in making the REO Town Pub a safe bar for women to come to,” Read more [...]

Local Women: Meg Campbell-Crawley

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Meg Campbell-Crawley is the owner and creative director of Twisted Fiber Art, a yarn making company with a colorful twist. Campbell-Crawley’s yarn changes color as you knit with it, meaning that the yarn is dyed many different colors. Nine years ago, working as a stay-at-home mom, Campbell-Crawley decided she wanted to make some extra money for her family, so she went to a yarn making class with her mother and fell in love with dying the yarn. Soon after, she started selling her creations online Read more [...]


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