15th Annual Women’s Leadership Council Luncheon

On Wednesday, May 4 the Capital Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council hosted its 15th annual “Lighting the Path” Luncheon at the Country Club of Lansing.The luncheon exists to celebrate women in the area who have contributed to making a difference …

New Lansing Business Overview: Gigi’s Cupcakes

In 2008, Gina “Gigi” Butler opened a small shop called Gigi’s Cupcakes just off of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee with $33 in her checking account. Eight years later, Butler is now the Chief Brand Officer of Gigi’s Cupcakes and oversees the …

A Book for the Busy Person

What Is Not Your Is Not Yours, by Helen OyeyemiWhen it comes to reading, most people tend to make excuses for why they don’t read books. “I don’t have time” is usually the most common reason, while “I don’t have the attention span” tends …

Earth Day Activities

This Friday signals Earth Day, a holiday that most people support but don’t actually know how to celebrate. The worldwide holiday demonstrates support for environmental protection. With growing concern of the planet’s health, Earth Day seems more …

Transitioning Office Wear to Evening Wear

Your office wardrobe staples are allowed to go beyond your 9-to-5 job. Your favorite blazer, trousers, and blouses can work just as well for your evening wear with the right pairing. Even changing up a monochromatic outfit to one with patterns and colors …

Planning a Vegetable Garden: Things to Consider

Some of the most nutritious, beautiful and flavorful food is a product of the spring season, and if you’ve considered growing that food yourself, you’re in the right place. Growing a vegetable garden can be intimidating to the novice gardener, but fear not! We have a few steps and things to consider to help you get started.

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

Although spring cleaning is not the most activity in the world, it is an undeniably easy way to refresh your home from the winter blues. If you have a lot to tackle, have no fear. Just because the neighbors are going heavy-duty in the cleaning department doesn’t mean you need to break the bank (or your back) doing so..

Beauty Tutorial

A habit is one of the hardest things to break. They can be made in 21 days and broken in only three, so if you have entered a realm of poor decisions with, for example, your makeup routine, it’s never to late to be saved! Just the slightest ways eyeliner is applied can have a huge impact to your face. These quick fixes will have you looking like a makeup-professional and fresh-faced as ever…

Wharton Follow-Up: Motown the Musical

Last night, I had the pleasure of witnessing Motown the Musical debut at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts in East
Lansing. As someone who grew up with Motown at home, I have plenty of memories of dancing in the living room to Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson (to name a few of my favorite artists). I was excited to see the music I had grown up with come to life on stage. I’m pleased to tell you that last night’s performance blew me away..

Décor Diva

HI, I’M MELISSA — a homeowner, wife and dog mom of two. I’m an event planner, fashion lover and have an itch for everything home décor and DIY. I’m no expert, I just love to do it! As a young and growing family in our very first home, naturally, I’d like to give our fixer upper a stylish face lift all at once.