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A Healthy Obsession

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

No one can deny that we’ve turned into an all or nothing society. We are addicted to having more fun, eating healthier (or not), getting more or newer technology, finding more time … well, you get the picture. I’m not immune to this phenomenon. I’m the first to admit that I might have a problem. When I get involved in something I have a tendency to take it to the extreme. I’ve been known to begin a workout routine and fad diet and obsess over it to the point where I drive myself and Read more [...]

Celebrate, Reflect and Give Hugs This Holiday

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day shenanigans of life, isn’t it? It feels like I just put the last of my straggler holiday decorations away and I need to get them out again. Sheesh. You know what I mean. I swear a holiday kitchen towel just recently went through the wash. I know I can’t be the only one who feels like this year moved at warp speed. It was a busy year. As you’re probably aware, I lead a group of creative folks at my branding agency M3 Group. Well, in Read more [...]

Take Time to be Thankful This Season

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in From the Publisher

It has been an interesting couple of months. They say that when you reach a certain age, you’ve seen it all. Well, I must not be old enough yet because the crazy things I’ve experienced and seen lately have been quite surprising. The situations I’ve encountered have brought out the best and worst of people. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and am sometimes disappointed in the reality of how people respond to difficult situations or a lack of understanding. I’ve never had Read more [...]

The Reality of Renovations

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

There are many of you out there who have taken on the momentous task of either building a new home or going through renovations. Now, I’m a renovation company’s dream. I grow very tired of my surroundings quickly and am always looking for my next renovation fix. When you come to my house, you’re not going to find many antique family heirlooms (unfortunately). I buy somewhat inexpensive furniture and when I grow weary of it, I pass it on to someone who will love it. I have made it through Read more [...]

No Matter Their Title, Women Mean Business

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

There is an ongoing debate regarding the way men and women are different. Obviously, there are the physical characteristics, but do men and women really have emotional or intellectual differences that skew by gender? I spent some time online to see if I could find any research that truly supports these claims. It’s fascinating but it was a challenge to find anything that wasn’t directly contradicted by another research report. So, I did what any woman would do. I listened to my own instincts. Read more [...]

Stealing The Show

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

Preparing for this month’s issue of the magazine had me reminiscing about my time in the theater. When I was younger (much younger), I thought I wanted to be an actor. How much fun is it to pretend to be someone else for a while? I loved leaving my life behind and immersing myself into a part. In high school, we had a drama club and a theater class, so I had more than my fair share of options when it came to trying out for parts. I was cast as the lead, Emily, in Our Town and I have to say Read more [...]

Bikes, Books and More Make for a Sizzling Summer

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

I have a confession to make. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on all the work I need to do right now with the summer in full swing. I can’t remember a time in the last 10 years that I’ve been so distracted by the warm weather and the lure of a good book. That’s right … I said it. I’m hooked on reading. It’s fascinating. Maybe this is what happens when you get a bit older, but I have to say that once I start a book these days, I cannot put it down. I’m losing precious sleep. I Read more [...]

Devoted Dads Deserve Praise

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

This year on Mother’s Day I was a bit nostalgic and brought out a few family albums to reminisce about when the kids (Kyle, 21 and Zach, 16) were younger and so darn cute. It’s pretty amazing to see how much things have stayed the same. They most definitely have maintained their enthusiasm for life, a sweet disposition and a heck of a lot of charm. However, they’ve changed too. They are much wiser, enjoy spending time with the opposite sex and are very independent. When you first become Read more [...]

Women Make the World Go Round

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

I’ve spent most of my life believing anything was possible with hard work, good intentions and a little bit of luck. Strong women and supportive men surrounded me in my youth, so why would I believe otherwise. Their encouragement was the backdrop to my life. There were times when obstacles made it tougher to achieve important goals set for myself, but I look back on those trying times and truly believe that without them I would not have learned all of the needed lessons. The areas that have Read more [...]

Food for Thought

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

Sometimes, I feel a bit guilty that I never became a better cook. It’s not that I don’t think I have the capacity. In fact, I can follow a recipe as well as anyone, but I’ve never had a passion for it. It has always felt more like a chore than a pleasure. But, I have the fondest memories surrounding food. My grandma was an amazing cook and had some signature dishes that I truly miss. My grandma could serve up any dish in a way that truly showed her love. It was not unusual for my grandma Read more [...]

Las Vegas Getaway with Tiffany Dowling

Written by Liz Andrews. Posted in Monthly Issues

We’re excited to announce the launch of the first Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine Las Vegas Weekend Getaway hosted by Lansing media maven Tiffany Dowling. I’m inviting you and your pals to join me, Dowling and up to 30 other Capital Area women for a three-night deluxe stay March 7 to 11 at the luxurious Paris Las Vegas Resort & Casino. “Las Vegas offers so many new activities and places to see that we don’t try to dictate a formal itinerary,” Dowling said. “The whole Read more [...]

See an Extreme Life in the Best Light

Written by Tiffany Dowling. Posted in Columns, From the Publisher

I’m beginning to think we’re living a life of extremes. Do you know what I mean? There were so many acts of unbelievable tragedy and evil last year. Some days I didn’t want to turn the television on or listen to the news at all because I knew that I was going to be bombarded with extremely heart-wrenching details of devastation. We all ask why and unfortunately most of the time — even if we get a “why” it doesn’t make much sense to us. We are surrounded by it. In fact, the headlines Read more [...]


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