Common Canine Questions


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I have heard that sidewalk salt is bad for dogs, is this true?

Yes, ingredients commonly found in ice melt can be harmful to your pet if ingested. Be sure to wipe your pet’s paws after a walk, or, you could also buy booties/socks for your dog. There are also pet-friendly, non-toxic ice melt options available for you to buy and use at home. Do some research on them and pick the one that’s best for you to be sure you are keeping your pet safe. And remember, even when there isn’t a lot of salt, the colder temperatures will still affect your dog’s paw pads. There are balms available for dog’s paws to cure this. Check with your veterinarian for what would work best for your dog.

My dog counter surfs — what can I do to stop this behavior?

A behavior like this is self-rewarding for the dog, to stop it, you need to manage your dog’s environment. Keep all food off the counter, if you have to leave food out, be sure it is in a container with a lid and tightly closed, as far back on the counter as possible. Try gating off the area so they can’t get on the counter when you aren’t able to watch them. When you are working in the kitchen, you could try having your dog hang out in the kitchen with you and rewarding them when they are behaving.

I’m worried my dog doesn’t get enough activity & is bored while I am at work. any suggestions?

There are definitely options out there — doggy daycares, dog walkers, friends or relatives that could play with or walk the dog while you’re at work. Check with your friends and co-workers to see if they have any suggestions. Depending on your budget and how many times a week you’d
like to do this, you can find a way that works for you both.


Jill Bailey

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