10 Steps to Achieving Success for Your Business


A strong, well-formed strategy is crucial for any business’ success. Here are 10 steps to help you
get started.


  1. Plan

Writing business, financial and marketing plans are essential. Not sure how to create them? There are many resources online with helpful outlines.


  1. Set goals

Make sure you set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals so you can see where you want to go – and the steps you need to take to get there.


  1. Value your product

Identify the unique value your product or service has that will attract buyers. Then, add that to a thorough evaluation of the market to determine the best go-to-market price.


  1. Use technology

Technology can provide new opportunities, help you work more efficiently and even save money. A willingness to adapt to technology can help your business in the short and long term.


  1. Market

The best type of marketing for your business is whatever will reach your target audience. The mistake to avoid is assuming you don’t need to market and that business will come to you.


  1. Know your customer

Do your research. Identify who you are trying to reach, where to find them, and how they will react to and engage with your marketing activities.


  1. Don’t overspend

You don’t have to spend top dollar to get great results if you do the research to find less expensive but equally viable options. These can come in the form of marketing help, equipment and software.


  1. Don’t underspend

While some small-business owners overspend, others don’t spend enough. Not investing capital in your business can limit it’s potential success.


  1. Ask for help

Effective delegation can be one of the best ways for startup owners to build their businesses, free up their time for business activities that require their unique expertise and build a team positioned for future success.


  1. Make a commitment

Most small-business owners are driven, dedicated and committed. To be successful in the long run, they need to be willing to make sacrifices, put in the necessary time and face challenges head-on. The key to small-business ownership success is constantly working to make smart, well-informed decisions within your unique venture. These 10 steps can help you get there.


Deidre Davis

Deidre Davis is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at MSU Federal Credit Union. MSUFCU's headquarters are at 3777 West Road East Lansing, MI 48823. Contact Deidre ad deidre.davis@msufcu.org or (517) 664-7877.

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