A Baby Tea for Baby Z

This month’s DIY is dedicated to all of the babies who make Father’s Day possible, including little Baby Z — the anxiously awaited first born of Dottie and Matt Zimmerman (due June 1). Our friend and favorite DIY-er Dottie is on maternity leave for the summer months, but worry not. We’re here to give you the DIY scoop for June, July and August. In anticipation of Baby Z’s arrival, we had the pleasure of finding a creative way to celebrate! Enjoy our “Baby Tea for Baby Z” ideas, tips and tricks. Pinkies Up! Mason Jar Glasses Purpose: transform a set of Mason jars into the perfect “Baby Tea” serving glasses for lemonade and iced tea. Supplies: card stock, circle cutter, ribbon, utility knife, Mason jars,  hot glue gun. 1. Design a circular seal that adds to your party’s theme. We chose ‘Pinkies Up’ with a light “Z” for the background. 2. Print your design on card stock, then trim with a circle cutter. 3. With a utility knife, cut one slit on the left and right sides of the circle. 4. Thread ribbon through the slits and tie onto a Mason jar. 5. For extra staying power, use a dot of hot glue under the paper seal.     

Tags: baby tea, crafts, DIY, first born, mason jar glasses


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