A Spooktacular DIY Project

Witches, goblins and ghosts! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. My daughter and I love to decorate the house with every spooky decoration we can find. We decorate the inside and even the outdoors for the big night when trick–or-treaters make their way to our spooktacular haunted house. With this month’s DIY craft you can create ghosts for the inside of your home or you can use them outside. Tie fishing line to your ghost and hang to create a dancing effect. This DIY ghost is easy and your little goblins can even help with the fun. I would love to see your finished quick craft. If you create this craft or any of the crafts featured in the DIY Quick Craft, please take a picture and email it to me at jhodges@cawlm.com. Happy crafting! Supplies Two yards of cheesecloth (cut two pieces one yard each); Sta-Flo Liquid Starch (available at Walmart) you can also find a recipe for liquid starch online; googly eyes or black felt; bowl; Styrofoam cone; balloon; duct tape; wax paper. How-To 2 min: Tape wax paper or poster board to the table (do not use newspaper). 2 Min: Blow up balloon. This will be the head of the ghost. Tape blown up balloon to the Styrofoam cone and place the cone with taped balloon in the center of the duct tape (this will keep the cone in place for the craft). 3 Min: Soak both pieces of cheesecloth in a 1/2 cup of liquid starch. When cheesecloth is completely soaked from starch, wring out the cloth. 5 min: Separate the cheesecloth pieces and drape over the balloon and cone. Be sure to pull the cheesecloth to create a blowing effect 24 Hrs: Let it dry. 3 Min: Glue eyes to your spooky creation (I used glue dots). You can also cut a piece of black felt to make larger eyes. [nggallery id=252]

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Jennifer Hodges

Jennifer Hodges is a Southern belle at heart, however, she does bleed green. A native of North Carolina, she has lived in Michigan since 1998. When not crafting, Jennifer is the Media Director at M3 Group. She loves spending time with her family, camping and singing lots of karaoke.

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