In One Year Out the Other…

My New Year’s Resolution In the November issue of CAWLM I raised the question, “Where do I find a man with a 1950’s type style and charm?” My friends suggested online dating. It’s hard to believe that I’m taking their advice. Today almost every unattached person has an online profile, but I’m still trying to warm up to the idea. Meeting my mate in the same way I order a new pair of shoes seems unnatural. I’m known for being a hopeless romantic, the little girl who designed my wedding dress at the age of six. Hindsight tells me that tying a pillowcase on my head (as the wedding veil) and wrapping a sheet around my body (for the bridal dress) was borderline creepy. But it does prove that my heart always knew what it wanted, even though my mind still needs a little help. This year I resolve to keep an open mind. The Profile Imagine having to create and read profiles that expose a number of personal details to thousands of strangers. With the help of my laptop and an open mind, I was able to immerse myself into a pool of others sharing unfiltered details about the “real me.” Age, religion, personal interests, and hobbies are all on display waiting for a spark of interest. It can be difficult to describe who you are in a way that’s catchy and genius. My profile strategy? Be witty, sincere, kind and to the point. The Search Bathroom mirror selfies, family photos, party pics and corny headlines that stream on a web page. “Keep an open mind, I say to myself.” After all, no one’s perfect (especially me). You’ve heard it before you can’t judge a book by its cover, opposites attract, blah blah, blah, blah. My goal is to stay patient and not retreat at the first sign of a personality difference. Learning about details that matter the most is the meaningful part of the process. My prayer? To have effortless fun with a genuine partner. Oh yeah, and being entertained (from a distance) by the disingenuous is fine with me too. Here’s me searching for MR. RIGHT … The profile Picture: A man at a party, beer in hand and arm around a female. The female is cropped out and his arm is just floating in the air. ME: Is that his attempt to be clever?! Just take a deep breath, maybe he’s trying to protect her identity from us common folks. Maybe she’s a FBI agent or an undercover cop. Open mind, open mind, open mind. Screen Name: laidbacklover. ME: Laughing hysterically (with an open mind of course). Don’t panic, I’m still just reading the opening credits. Occupation: Real Estate. ME: What does that mean exactly? Does he buy and sell property? Does he answer phones on behalf of a real estate agent, is he the maintenance guy? Be specific! Age: 45 years. ME: Yes, I’m good with this age. Making progress. Personal Interests: Travel, golf, watching college football, live music. ME: Seems normal, keep reading. Headline: Living the dream. Wanna join me? ME: Ummm … Let me consult my open mind for some direction. As you can see meeting the old school charm and style will take time but staying open starts right away. This NEW year I’ll proudly raise my glass with a toast to me keeping an open mind (p.s. … just not with this guy). “Good luck Mr. laidbacklover, maybe another year” (then the champagne flute goes … clink) Keep following my dating adventure. Happy New Year!

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