All that Sparkles and Glitters

You’re engaged, you’ve picked a date, you’re excited! Planning a wedding and reception is a glorious time. The challenge comes when it’s time to tackle the nitty-gritty details and staying on budget, all while trying to stay true to the vision you had in mind for your day. I have my sister Molli in mind while writing this, her wedding is October of this year. After the initial excitement and uncontrollable flood of links and ideas she was sending me, I began to sense she was growing weary when the tedious tasks needed to be done. It’s important to remember, this is supposed to be fun! First, start by finding something that will set a foundation for your vision. Do this by establishing visual things you can’t live without. Maybe it’s particular colors, a texture, a fabric or a picture you found. Do these elements compliment each other? If not, you may have to eliminate things. Then, begin to build ideas around these elements. For example, Molli loves sparkles and diamonds! Now, sparkles could easily go one of two ways — to the corner with fishnet stockings or sophisticated. Keep yourself in check, remember simplicity is beautiful and often times more economical. Below is one of the projects we’ll be doing for Molli’s wedding that we’re absolutely thrilled about. It will add class and color to the tables, as well as a unique touch that sings the couple’s name.

Stylish Frames

  1. Collect various frames from thrift stores. Variety in color and shape shouldn’t matter because you’ll be painting them all one color. Be sure you choose frames that have their glass and backing with the leg, still intact. Tip: If you’re doing table numbers and menus, you may want to stick with one size for say all the table numbers. This will make it easier when it comes time for production.
  2. Remove glass and backing
  3. Follow directions from spray paint and cover each frame, let dry
  4. Clean glass and assemble frames with graphic cards*
*You can download my design set of table numbers for 4×6 frames here.

Variations on this Idea

  • Not a glitter person? Spray paint comes in some great colors! Experiment with different combinations of colors or one with a high-gloss finish.
  • Not a thrift store person? You can find a frame you like at any store and buy as many as you need and still paint them the color you desire.
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