Baby room vintage airplane shelf


For my son’s nursery, my wife wanted to decorate the room with a vintage airplane theme. As she was brainstorming ideas, she saw this shelf on Pinterest (where all women go to daydream). She brought me a picture of a shelf in hopes I could recreate it. The site did not have any directions so I had to use my creative side to make an exact replica. Of course you can’t say “no” to your pregnant wife, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to make it. I’m glad that I was able to make something unique for his room.

What you’ll need

  • Wood
  • ½ inch copper pipe
  • Wheels (purchased from Amazon)
  • Propeller (purchased from Amazon)
  • Washers and caps
  • Threaded rod

What to do

  1. Pick the length of your board and cut to size.
  2. Cut the copper piping to the size of your desired spacing between the wings.
  3. Drill holes in the top and bottom and insert the copper piping. Secure with the washers and caps.
  4. Put threaded pipe between copper, so the rod extends a little past each board.
  5. Cut a round circle out of the spare wood and attach the propeller with another washer. You can keep it in place or work with it so that it will still spin.
  6. Carve some partial holes behind the propeller; be sure not to go all the way through the wood. This is where you’ll place the other two copper pieces.
  7. Cut two small pieces of copper for the wheel placement. Bend the top of the copper and drill in under the wing. 
  8. Attach the wheels.


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