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Summertime — the weather is warm, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the leaves on the trees are green. What’s more inspiring?

My answer to that question is that a good love story is what inspires me. I think there is something epic about love stories; they can soften the hardest of hearts and inspire the most uninspired souls. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached, the culture you live in or how much money you make, love stories are universal.

In my previous articles, I had a chance to share my views about the process of how I approach finding true love. Keeping an open mind, being intentional and making new friends along the way are all a part of my dating journey. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share that admiring other couples’ relationship success stories is a great inspiration to me.

Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. My inspiration is ignited when I hear accounts from people who share their experiences of when they met the love of their lives for the first time, or from folks who were able to get a second chance at love, and even those who experienced a regrettable loss of a love due to death. In this article, I want to share the real life stories that I reflect on for inspiration.

Beware of the wingman

Admit it; deep down, don’t you want to dislike couples that get it right the first time? The correct answer is, NO! The cynic in me is tempted to make smart comments, but we all know that this type of couple really has the winning idea. I have the pleasure of knowing a real-life dream team that met, loved then married and still remain a happy couple today. Their story started years ago with one man who carried out his wingman duties poorly. While he should have been working on successfully setting up another couple, his failed tactics resulted with him being the one who landed the love of his life.

It all began with an introduction. First, the wingman approached a woman whom his buddy found really attractive. His strategy? Invite the woman to a house party, and when she attended, the wingman would create opportunities for his buddy to charm this woman into joining him for a first date. Then, unfortunately the wingman’s buddy was overcome with shyness and just ignored the poor woman during the entire party. Mr. Wingman felt bad and decided to resort to “Plan B,” which was to keep the woman company so that she wouldn’t notice the rude treatment. Now, here comes the good part (for the wingman at least). To his surprise, he and the woman had an amazing connection. The conversation was so great that Mr. Wingman was able to land a first, second and third date with this woman. This story ends with marriage, two kids and a dog. Now, the happy couple celebrates their 25th wedding anniversary this year. I know what you’re asking; what’s my inspiration when I hear this story? Remain open to the idea of dating a wingman (just kidding).

Nice guys finish last (a.k.a. second)

Gotta love it when you are able to witness your friends eat their words. My trained relationship eye was able to predict this story before it began. To my friend’s surprise, she was able to find love the second time around.

Picture this story, in the beginning, my friend knew a guy who could finish her sentences. He was shy, but more importantly unavailable; which worked out well, because she was unavailable too. They worked in the same office, so the friendship was able to grow over time and was centered on career goals, family living and life in general.

Over the course of their friendship, they were able to share laughter, good/bad days and even became close to the same friends (myself included). I immediately noticed their chemistry. However, since they were both attached I kept my thoughts to myself. One day, out of curiosity, I found the nerve to ask my friend the question, “if you lived in a parallel universe do you think this guy would have been your mate?” Her response, “nah … he’s like a little brother to me.” So, as life moved on, their lives disconnected for a period of time.

During the break away from each other, they both became single and had started separate lives happily unattached. After a few years had passed, their paths crossed again. The conclusion was a new-found romantic love and me at the table enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with the newlyweds. Brotherly/sisterly love took on an entirely new meaning for this second time around couple. My inspiration: true love comes around in its own time with the person you least expect.

Better to have loved and lost

This last story touches my heart because it involves someone whom I care for deeply, who lost her husband (the love of her life) due to death. After years of being treated poorly by a person who was less than charming, she finally met the perfect man. Their courtship began, marriage, then children and the cliché white picket fence. Love, respect, support, family and laughter are the repeated themes of their entire relationship.

Her Prince Charming promised a lifetime of happiness and spent every day keeping that promise until his life ended unexpectedly. While the ending is sad, her relationship with this amazing man resulted in a wonderful marriage, outstanding children and a lifetime of awesome memories. When I reflect on this story, I’m inspired by how much my friend loved her Prince Charming, and more importantly, the lasting impression her relationship made on the lives of the people who were privileged to be
around them.

Remain inspired

While these particular stories may not inspire you, find the stories that do. Being single can be hard when you don’t know how your story will end. I personally believe it’s important to take the time to learn other people’s love stories as a source
of inspiration.

If you are following my dating adventure and have an inspirational love story that you would like to pass along, please send me an email at There’s always room to remain inspired. Thank you for taking this dating journey with me.


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