With a Capital EM: Bette Davis Eyes

There exists a home video that if you ask nicely (or ya know, just walk in the front door) my parents will gladly show you. It’s their favorite. I was about 6-years-old and I was sledding and, well, I fell off of my sled, lost my glove and nearly lost a hand. At least that’s what one might think was happening if you only listened to the audio. There I am lying in the snow saying in a very dramatic way “my hand, my haaaaand, my hand.” What can I say? Snow is cold. For all I knew I was going to lose not just a hand, but an entire limb. It wasn’t the first time and it certainly wasn’t the last time that my parents looked at me said “Oh, Bette Davis.” You see, I’m a bit, um, of a drama queen. Hot, cold, happy, sad I have a tendency to take my reaction to things to the extreme. It’s no wonder that for the majority of my childhood my parents suspected a career in showbiz is where I’d land. While I am a total ham, the theater bug never really bit. I did a little bit of telethon work and even got to sign a few autographs growing up thanks to my grandpa’s gig at the Detroit Free Press, but I’ve always been happier behind the camera. Turns out, I love drama so much that instead of creating it on stage, I’ve opted for a life of writing about it. When I went to Michigan State University (MSU) to study journalism I quickly fell in love with feature writing — arts and entertainment writing to be exact. What followed was a great job at a local arts and entertainment paper, which lead to a fellowship where I learned even more about arts and entertainment coverage. Today I call Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine home, which affords me lots of opportunities to meet artists like our cover gal and actors in the community. As some of you may know I am also the arts and entertainment blogger for MLive Lansing, a job that affords me seats at nearly every show in the area (by the way — do not miss our theater preview on Page 18) So, while my Bette Davis ways failed to land me on stage or on the big screen, they have landed me in the front row — where thankfully I sit with both hands — taking notes.

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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