Build a Better Bag


With this month being our clean, green issue I wanted to share with you an easy-to-do craft that can help you be more “green.” Thanks to this craft you can say goodbye to plastic bags and enjoy these reusable ones instead. You can use the bags every day and do away with hundreds of dollars in plastic bags. The reusable bags can be made in a variety of sizes. The bags are perfect for snacks, sandwiches and cosmetics or any other item you would put in a plastic bag. My bags are made from laminated cotton, however, you can use other waterproof fabric, cotton or leftover fabric you may have. Carry your goodies in style with this easy DIY. I would love to see your finished Quick Craft. If you create this craft, or any of the crafts featured in the DIY Quick Craft, please take a picture and email it to me at Happy Crafting! Supplies
  • 1/2 yard of laminated cotton or other waterproof fabric if you want a waterproof layer (any leftover scraps of material will also work)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Pinking shears
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
How-to The bags can be made a variety of sizes. I started with a bag similar to the size of a plastic snack bag.
  • Measure and cut your material 8 inches (w) X 18 inches (H). (5 min.)
  • Take the cut material and place it in front of you with the pattern facing up. (3 min.)
  • Fold down 2 inches of the material to make a crease (this will be the flap closure of the bag). Cut the trim of the fold with pinking shears to keep the fabric from fraying. (5 min.)
  • Fold the material in half (pattern of the material will not be showing). (1 min)
  • Sew both outer sides lenghtwise of the material together (be sure to sew the entire length of each outer side). The bag will now be inside out. (5 min.)
  • Turn the bag right-side-out using the 2-inch fold as a flip top closer. (2 min.)

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Jennifer Hodges

Jennifer Hodges is a Southern belle at heart, however, she does bleed green. A native of North Carolina, she has lived in Michigan since 1998. When not crafting, Jennifer is the Media Director at M3 Group. She loves spending time with her family, camping and singing lots of karaoke.

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