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For many couples, the wedding day is the single biggest day of their lives. For Emma Nelson and Kaitlynn Lamie, co-owners of A Lovely Day, sometimes they have 15 biggest days of their lives in a single year.

It’s tough, stressful, tiring work, but it’s a passion and drive for these two college friends. During their MSU days in the dorm, the two would spend a lot of time on Pinterest and jokingly plan their friends’ weddings, sketching up fictional table settings. In 2015, the two officially launched their wedding planning business.
“It has to come from a place of passion,” Lamie said. “It is long hours — we typically work an additional 40-60 hours a week on weddings in addition to our 40 hours a week, full-time day jobs, and it’s just because we love what we do.”

It’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed while planning all the details of your wedding, but those are two feelings Nelson and Lamie wouldn’t want any bride-to-be to have. A Lovely Day focuses on getting to know couples and learning what’s important to them, including their little quirks and how to incorporate those into their weddings. There are often months or years of meetings, hangouts, venue visits and table setting mock-ups; each experience is tailored to the couple’s wants and needs.

“One of the amazing things about really listening to our couples is that we can pick up on the things that we know are special to them,” Lamie said. “It’s never anything super grand; it’s really kind of in the minutiae. But it’s really getting to know our couples so well that we know the little things that are going to make their day memorable to them.”

Rather than picking a wedding package based solely on pricing or features, A Lovely Day creates experience guides and works to make sure each wedding is personal and reflective of each
partner’s personality.

At the end of the event, usually, both parties are sad the fun is over. But it doesn’t end there. A Lovely Day keeps up with their brides on social media, excited to learn of new developments such as pregnancy announcements.

“It’s just so fun to establish real friendships and relationships,” Nelson said. “It is our business, but it’s more than a business when you can kind of create those personal connections.”

As of now, A Lovely Day is still a young company and considered part time, operating out of home offices and keeping inventory at home as well. During peak season, the business duo spends more time together than with their husbands. On wedding weekends, it’s a sleepover every day.

Having been friends for the last seven years, the two certainly know each other’s habits and complement one another as business partners. Nelson is the night owl; Lamie is the morning person.

The business aims to coach their couples and help them remember that nothing is perfect — including their wedding day and even if no outside ears ever learn of issues. Sometimes, Michigan weather acts up, the food isn’t right or the cake nearly falls over. Entrusting a once-stranger with your big day could be daunting, but if the planners are anything like the bubbly and endearing company at A Lovely Day, then have no fear.

“I think there’s this notion that wedding planners are prissy,” Lamie said. “We try to be the opposite of prissy. We’re real people. We tell our couples [of] stories that are real and true, and to help them feel that they’re not alone in the process.” At the end of the day, the twenty-something business owners agree that the reward far outweighs the lack of sleep.

“We kind of adopted this motto last year: You can do hard things,” Lamie said. “The sense of accomplishment that you get when you know that you have put the blood, sweat and tears into it — and you get to see … someone create a memory … is like the best feeling in the world.”

“There truly aren’t many days like a wedding,” Nelson said. “You’re not always surrounded by people who love you and care about you, and often people you haven’t seen in a long time. To be involved in other people’s days — it’s a blessing. It really is.”


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