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Insurance can be daunting for just about anyone. With so many plans, rates, types and more, finding the right option best for your property and your loved ones takes time, energy and insider knowledge — something that your average-Joe insurance company may not know how to navigate through. That’s where the Truong Agency, an affiliate of Farmers Insurance, is here to help. 

Owner and agent Lisa Truong has been in the insurance industry since the moment she left college, with her first job application leading to roles with known insurance carriers, to assist in handling claims around auto-liability, personal injury protection, bodily injury, litigation and even special investigations. A 20-year industry veteran and graduate of Michigan State University, Truong previously worked with Townsquare Media’s radio and advertising sales divisions. After exploring these arenas, Truong realized she still had a passion for insurance, so, she made the jump to start an agency of her own.

“In pursuit of a more meaningful career path, I wanted to be a business owner and joined Farmers in 2015 as a captive agent,” said Truong. “I am also currently a professional language interpreter for 7C-Lingo. The decision to run an agency has been challenging, exciting and  rewarding all at the same time.”

As an exclusive agent for Farmers Insurance and its related companies including Foremost, Bristol West and Kraft Lake Brokerage, Truong offers multiple lines of products in auto, home, commercial, specialty dwelling, watercraft, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. These offerings enable Truong to build custom plans that suit the needs of her clientele.

“Many don’t know that we also offer life insurance for customers and pet insurance for your furry friends,” Truong said. “Our customers are
genuinely concerned with having the optimal coverage, a comprehensive package to suit their needs and having a professional and reliable agent on their side.”

With a plethora of major insurance agencies available to integrate with Truong’s brand, Farmers Insurance was the right choice for her.

“I made the decision to join Farmers because of the respectable and well-recognized brand we represent,” said Truong. “We have the best trained agents across the country, competitive rates and a vast suite of products to choose from. Farmers is steadily growing and our presence here in Michigan is expanding. Farmers is unique because, as an agency owner, you can carry over to your family and children and provide an opportunity of growth for years to come.”

According to Truong, the landscape of the insurance industry in Michigan is constantly growing, which makes it increasingly difficult for agencies like Truong’s to stay ahead of the curve. The industry is doing its best to brace for the impact of new innovations. Her role is not only to provide an insurance solution, but to also educate her clients about the changes happening.

“Here in Michigan, the battle to reform Michigan No-Fault has been ongoing. The world of autonomous vehicles is fast approaching. Claim severity and distracted drivers continue to rise,” said Truong. “We have to adapt to these changes if we want to stay connected to our customers. The future landscape of the insurance industry is dynamic. We are ready to grow along with our customers.”

Since embarking on her career as an insurance agent, Truong’s career has been littered with a variety of accomplishments; her career path has afforded her the opportunity to obtain even larger personal goals outside of work, thanks to a flexible schedule and a dedication to a strong work-life balance.

“My biggest personal accomplishment is being a mom to two healthy and happy children,” said Truong. “When I’m in the office, my insureds are my family. When I am home, my family is my world. I think the reason why running an agency never feels like work is because I love what I do. I genuinely want what is best for my customers, and they can sense that.”

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Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell

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