A Career Good for the Soul


If you watch one of Franceska Garza’s YouTube videos, you’ll see she likes ice cream, playing with her dog Chi Chi and reading. However, if you sit down and talk with the beauty blogger, you will quickly learn there is more than meets the winged eyeliner.

The 22-year-old East Lansing freelance makeup artist and Lansing Community College graduate did not go to cosmetology school or get an esthetician’s license, but rather, she learned the ropes from online tutorials. Now, she inspires young girls and women to feel like their most confident versions of themselves, inspiring exterior and interior beauty.

Franceska, or Frankie as most people know her, started a YouTube channel in February 2016 with a no-frills makeup tutorial video. “I started talking about what I love, which is makeup,” Garza said. “Then it spiraled into talking about confidence, self-care, stress relief and different ways to make an abundant life for yourself and your family.”

Her video blogs, or vlogs, depict local adventures to ice cream shops in Old Town, a day at the salon in Mason, a road trip to the beach in Holland and an always-necessary run to Target.

Garza’s favorite segments, though, are those in which reveal a more personal side of herself, including her faith, blessings and hardships. These videos make up the “Good for the Soul” series, which includes tips on serving others and recommendations on daily devotionals. Opening yourself to thousands of strangers on a dime is, of course, not an easy task, but it has been a rewarding one.

“That is where I think I get a lot of relationships with my followers, because they see that I am just like them,” Garza said. “I’m just a normal, regular girl trying to live a Christ-centered life and sharing that with them.”

Being vulnerable on camera about her off-camera life is worth it when viewers comment on how videos help them through a breakup, an MRI or other stressful situations.

Curating, creating, organizing and producing content on YouTube is a relatively new idea, far from the typical 9-5 job; often downplayed as a legitimate career, professional YouTubing can be looked down upon as an expensive, glamorized hobby.

As Garza explains, there’s so much surrounding her career that people don’t see. That picturesque Instagram-worthy beach day photoshoot included two hours of driving time, 15 minutes getting ready, 20 minutes taking 500 photos, selecting the thumbnail image, editing, uploading, linking, adding an appropriate font and then uploading the thumbnail.

“It looks like a really easy, 15-minute video with a cute picture,” she said, “but that was across three weeks of work.”

Although she spends more than a full-time job’s 40-hour workweek, the passion she feels extends far beyond the labor involved. The younger generations’ guts and go-getter attitude are nuances that Garza admires most about her peers.

“I think that’s what’s so cool about our generation,” Garza said, “We are making what we love our jobs, not just going to get a job to make it work.”

Since her older sister Alex has a successful YouTube channel with over 720,000 subscribers, and her mother is a successful woman in business, both inspire and support Garza.

The big picture for this young strong-willed entrepreneur is ideally bringing in the “Good for the Soul” series to high schools and colleges, with the goal of encouraging self-confidence and speaking truth into young girls and women. Building connections with her female viewers is her favorite part, despite hours spent on a laptop, nitpicking over a photo and the goofs when she forgets to hit record.

“I’ve always loved friendships and meeting other women,” Garza said. “I think God makes such powerful relationships between women, and I love experiencing them and just being able to meet so many cool women. Inspiring other women is just so fun.”


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