Big Wheels Keep On Turning


Go Green Trikes Make Hauling Environmentally Friendly

What comes to mind when thinking about the perfect job? For Yvonne LeFave, owner of Go Green Trikes LLC, it was making a difference while being environmentally sustainable, which is exactly what she has accomplished with her delivery service.

Through Go Green Trikes, LeFave shares her love of green transportation choices, community activism and hauling, and compacts them into one sustainable package. She can be found riding her trike around Greater Lansing, watering the hanging baskets in Old Town or delivering a refrigerator to someone within her 120-mile service area.

The trikes themselves are 9 feet, 4 inches long with a heavy-duty, electric assist that is capable of carrying 300-pound loads at a time. Greater Lansing’s environmentally friendly delivery service specializes in yard work, deliveries, advertising and marketing as well as event support.

“Of all the things I’ve done in my life, this is the most fun. It’s modern and sustainable – it works,” LeFave said.

After about 30 years of sitting behind a desk – 15 as a clerk and 15 as a geek in some capacity – LeFave was ready for a unique environment. While wondering what to do next, she started working with a life coach, Jaya the Trust Coach, who instructed her to make a list of ingredients of her next career path. When a friend encouraged her to read an article about trike delivery services, LeFave knew that would be the perfect endeavor.

In her list, LeFave wrote down ingredients, allowing for added creativity and helping to visualize what she wanted in a new occupation. In the exercise, the “chef” is then free to create any “dish” from those ingredients, essentially crafting a tailored-made entrée for the chef. LeFave’s dish, becoming her new career, is “deliciously full” in her eyes.

“A company in Portland, Oregon, had already built a business using my ingredient list – and me finding a way to build it here would tap into even more of my skills that I didn’t think to claim and put on the initial list,” said LeFave.

On Jan. 29, LeFave happened to open the latest Capital Gains newsletter that detailed a competition for new business ideas: The Hatching. LeFave submitted her idea for future consideration and was contacted by one of the organizers. With the event the same day, she had one hour to put together a presentation, and the spot was hers. After submitting and presenting her idea, Go Green Trikes had won both the “glory vote,” which was the audience selection for the top idea; the cash prize of $1,000; and legal help in forming into an LLC.

Feeling less than confident about starting a business, LeFave asked “the universe” to send her someone business savvy. At a New Year’s Eve party, the person sitting next to her asked, “So what do you do?” She went on about her current role and, although hesitant, LeFave explained her idea to the stranger. In return, she was ready to move forward with her dream.

“This journey has pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I’ve gone willingly in that direction. It’s definitely been an exercise in trust – both in the universe and in myself as co-creator. It’s truly an honor to bring this into fruition for the Greater Lansing community,” LeFave said.


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