Women Trail Blazing the Industry


The women at CBRE|Martin have become a staple in the Lansing commercial real estate market. Whether it’s finding an office building, retail space, industrial warehouse or the need for asset management, the women of CBRE|Martin have you covered. The full-service commercial real estate company is made up
of experts who proudly serve clients in six core lines of business: brokerage, advisory and transaction services, investment properties, asset services, development, and valuation.

In an industry that is still heavily male-dominated, CBRE|Martin boasts a group of exceptional women with a wide range of experience and talents representing every aspect of the business, the most of any commercial real estate firm in the area: Jill Green, real estate manager/asset services; Julie O’Brien, senior associate and industrial services team lead; Amy Richter-Perkins, senior associate/retail adviser and Nicole DeMarco, associate/office adviser. They all came from different backgrounds, but when it comes to people and commercial real estate, they definitely share the same passions. These women know the importance of maintaining relationships while utilizing all skill sets necessary to achieve success for their clients.

After sitting down with some of the women from CBRE|Martin, it’s clear that they have a passion for what they do.

What about real estate enticed you to enter this field for a career?
“It’s a challenging and rewarding career. Every new assignment – whether it’s a property for sale or lease; a buyer or tenant looking for a site – presents a unique challenge or challenges. I love working through those challenges to find the solution to the clients’ needs – whatever they are. The success of closing a deal is not about the fee earned, but the satisfaction of solving the client’s problem.” -Richter-Perkins

What advice would you give to encourage a young woman to work in Commercial real estate?
“Commercial real estate is always looking for women in all roles. It’s more diverse than before, but there is still room for growth. The opportunities are out
there if you have the work ethic and patience. There are many roles within the firm that are equally important.” – Green

“This business is relationship driven, and if you are willing to work hard and defer gratification, the opportunities are endless. My suggestion to anyone starting out would be to find a mentor in the industry that you admire and can learn from. I believe that the reason I have been able to attain the success I have is due to all the great mentors in
my life.” – O’Brien

How have other women influenced your decision to enter into commercial real estate?
“Numerous women in my personal and professional life encouraged me to go into the commercial real estate field. All the women in the office have been invaluable resources that have provided me with advice and support to pursue this career. While the women at CBRE|Martin have impacted my decision in so many ways, it would be unfair to leave out the men that have also influenced my commercial real estate endeavors. I am fortunate to be aligned with two leading experts in my field (Eric Rosekrans and Thomas Jamieson), and I am privileged to call them my mentors.” -DeMarco

What are some of your favorite aspects of working in commercial real estate?
“My favorite part of the job, other than the relationships, is being a problem-solver. I feel like I’m putting a puzzle together, looking for the right fit for each of my client’s needs.” -O’Brien

What can one expect when working with CBRE|Martin?
“What CBRE|Martin offers that differentiates us from our local competitors, is that our professionals specialize in industrial, office or retail service
lines. This allows us to provide the best experience and market data to our clients.” -Richter-Perkins


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