City Spotlight: Mardi Paw

Saturday evening April 14, 2012 Eagle Eye Golf Club was transformed into Mardi Paw, the theme of the ninth annual Fur Ball (can you say Fur Ball without just a little smile? I can’t — and that is a good thing). The evening is all about fun and supporting animals. This year was no exception. The great tones of the jazz saxophone filled the room, along with nearly 400 guests and 50 dogs of all sizes and shapes. Celebrity waiters from the community were there to wait on you hand and paw — for a tip of course. Those wonderful volunteers hustled all evening to raise additional funds to support the animals. As we arrived for an evening of shopping, food, fun and dancing, those pups who had not yet checked into the Ultimate Doggy Spa, explored the silent auction room with their owners. Our 4 ½ year old Golden Doodle, Miss Lilly Bo, was no exception. She learned as a puppy at her first Fur Ball that the silent auction room is a great place to meet and greet new friends. Speaking of Miss Lilly Bo, I haven’t let her contribute to my column in all of her years of attending the Fur Ball. She begged this year and she has matured a little, so I decided to let her tell you about the event from her perspective and why she is a big supporter of the Fur Ball and the Capital Area Humane Society’s mission:

As it’s been stated, I’m a more mature, 4 ½ year old Golden Doodle, who was lucky enough to attend my fourth Fur Ball this year. I love the Ball; for me it means helping my fellow animals. Many pets have been less fortunate than me. I am a lucky dog. I have a “forever home.” And now I know how important it is when you finally get a chance to have a family who loves you.

A year ago in December, in the middle of a snow storm, my family brought home my little brother from the Capital Area Humane Society. Now bear in mind, we weren’t intending to add to our family. Our cat Mr. Sam and I were perfectly happy being the only fur at our house. But after attending the holiday open house at the shelter and meeting the little guy, we were destined to add him to our family. We had a family talk about it; he was after all, only six months old. He had come to the Humane Society on the “Puppy Wagon” from some place down south. He was adopted by a family who returned him to the shelter after only a few short months, because they were unable to keep him. At least he was house broken…

Being a “forever home” for the little guy, whom my parents named Winston, wasn’t so easy, at least not for me. Sure he was cute, like a little red fox, but he insisted on taking all my favorite toys. The fact that he was too small to get up on my bed was a plus! He bites my ears, pulls my tail and chases Mr. Sam. But we love him … Winston is now my best friend!

Attending the Fur Ball now has a special meaning for our family. The evening is fun, I get to go to the Puppy Scrub, wear ribbons around my neck and strut my stuff in the Doggy Parade. I met lots of nice people, even danced to Global Village at Yappy Hour. But it’s more than than a fun night out. It’s the opportunity to help raise funds to support the Capital Area Humane Society and the more than 600 animals that they help each year. We’ll be there next year and I hope you will consider attending as well. Like we say at our house, “We didn’t need a second dog, but I guess he needed us!”

Please help the Capital Area Humane Society find “Forever Homes” for animals like my new brother Winston.

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Deborah Ginsburg

Deborah Ginsburg is a community volunteer and is employed with Sparrow Health System.

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