Crafting Fun with Rubber Bands

I think it might finally be happening … the weather is starting to break. The last few days when I have been outside I have actually seen the sun! I always get excited this time of year. I start thinking of new additions to add to my flowerbeds, which usually get’s my husband feeling slightly anxious. I was looking at my flowerbeds the other day and noticed lots of new growth. I began to imagine all of the flowers that will soon be there and that got me to thinking about this month’s DIY project. I decided on a cute vase to hold all of the fresh cut flowers that will soon be in bloom. If you like to craft, share your ideas and pictures with me. I always love to see what fellow crafters are working on! You can email me at Happy Crafting! Supplies Pickle Jar Rubber-bands (several sizes) Spray Paint Alcohol Cotton Balls How-to Clean your pickle jar. Soak the jar in hot water for about an hour. The label should just peel right off. Remove the remaining residue with a cotton ball that is saturated in alcohol. (1 hour, 5 min.) Arrange the rubber-bands on the outside of the pickle jar. (2-3 min.) Spray paint the pickle jar. (5 min.) Let dry. (24 hours.) Remove the rubber-bands. (2 min.) Fill vase with fresh flowers and enjoy. (3 min.)

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Jaime Hardesty

Jaime Hardesty is the Receptionist at M3 Group and a native of Michigan. When not crafting, she enjoys many of her other passions which include her two children, family, friends, antiquing, gardening, kayaking and bike riding.

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