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Like most people, I love to pin. I am ADDICTED to Pinterest and one of my favorite things to pin is craft ideas. So, while perusing the other day, I stumbled across this cute idea for a calendar. I thought this was perfect for this month’s DIY as the theme is She Means Business. What busy mom, student, business woman, etc. couldn’t find value in an adorable calendar? If you, like me, love to pin and re-create, send me a picture of your work to I always love to see what others are working on. Supplies: Picture Frame; aida cloth (I got mine at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores in the cross stitch section); acrylic paint; stencil; ruler; Sharpie; sponge used for stenciling; palette for the paint. How-To: 2 min: Lay frame down onto the aida and trace around the edges. Cut. 30 Min: Using your ruler and Sharpie, layout your calendar. You want 35 squares for the days and enough room at the top for the month rectangle and a decoration. 15 Min: Tape or hold stencil down and sponge your decoration. 1-2 HOURS: Let dry. 15 Min: Touch up outlines that may have been covered by paint. Write in the days of the week. 2 Min: Place in picture frame. Write the dates and month with the Sharpie and use Windex to clean off for the following month. [nggallery id=248]

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Jaime Hardesty

Jaime Hardesty is the Receptionist at M3 Group and a native of Michigan. When not crafting, she enjoys many of her other passions which include her two children, family, friends, antiquing, gardening, kayaking and bike riding.

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