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The nursery is my favorite room in the house for several reasons. It’s comfortable, cozy and spacious enough for my son, Mason. We spend quality time together when we are in there, away from distractions like TVs and phones. It’s a great escape from anything that would take away from the interaction between just me and my son. My husband and I finished the nursery before Mason arrived, but it was missing one little thing — a home for all his books, other than the basket tucked away inside his closet.

It’s important to start reading to your children at an early age; storybooks are a way to spark imagination and get them lost in a world of their own. It also helps little ones understand the world around them and develop language skills.

I wanted a fun way to display Mason’s collection of books, so I decided to create an adorably charming space for his collection. This shelf allows him to pick out stories on his own and, each night, we get swept away into a new fairytale land — just the two of us! 

Here’s what you need to create a story space for your own little ones:


  • Wood 
  • Nail gun
  • Wood stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Supports for weight (we used French cleats)


Step 1: Purchase the wood

This is a custom made bookshelf specifically created for the location you want to put it in. You will need to determine how long and wide the piece of wood will go along the wall. 

Step 2: Cut the wood

Some hardware stores will cut the wood for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to cut them down at home.

Step 3: Stain and seal the wood

Step 4: Drill pieces together 

Step 5: Attach cleats

Step 6: Hang on the wall

These shelves can hold a lot of books; but in case you have a tight space, you can add a wooden crate underneath to place any overflow into.

Happy reading! May all your storybooks let your imagination run free!

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick is a MSU graduate, M3 Group event planner and a dog mom of two. She loves fashion and fall is her favorite season. She embraces all the good things because life is too short to be unhappy!

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