Seasonal Decorating Freshen Up Your Home For Spring


I’m turning into much more of a seasonal decorator than I used to be. Every time I do it, I get a little crush on my home décor all over again. After all, looking at the same things day after day can be a little dull. I’ve always been big on fall and winter decorations, but the other seasons just defaulted back to my original home décor – which is great, but I wanted more! I didn’t necessarily want to invest in seasonal items that I wouldn’t be crazy about. I like for my home to just look like a home, not a label to define each season.

I go all out for Halloween and Christmas because they are my favorite (and I can’t help myself), but for the rest of the year I keep it a little lighter. I don’t have much time for major decorating and, after chasing around a 1 year old, sometimes the last thing I want to do is start a project. It took me a while to figure out the best spot for things in my home such as art pieces, pillows and other accessories. After I figured it out, I didn’t want to mess with it too much. I’ve spent a lot of time “messing” with my stuff, and after a while I think we can all
agree it gets exhausting! The wonderful thing
about seasonal changes however is that they don’t need to replace your existing décor to boost the homey spirits.

Bring in some green – Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. You can find low maintenance plants, or you can invest in artificial boxwood and other greenery!

Add or replace pillows, indoors and outdoors – Add seasonal pillows on the couch, a chair or place them on your outdoor furniture.

Play with your everyday items – Mix and match your everyday dinnerware with seasonal plates, and pair with a charger for a change. Napkins and placemats are also an easy update!

Change out your blankets – I tend to have different blankets for the seasons. I have plaid and heavy weight furs for the colder months; for spring, I bring out a lightweight or a colorful throw.

Freshen up your storage – A lightweight wicker basket is something that stores items neatly. It works great for blanket storage or transferring laundry without looking sloppy.

And touches of wood pieces  Wood is a natural piece that brings a fresh and warm element to your home, and it’s good all year round. Use it for serving or display.

Light a fresh, new scented candle – Bring on the floral and coastal scents!

Change your bedding – If you have a duvet insert, you can easily switch duvets out for each season. Plus it’s nice to freshen up the room and rotate your bedding. I have a few different covers I switch out quarterly. It keeps them looking newer for longer and boosts my mood every time I get to change it for a season!

Small alterations can make a big difference throughout the year, but keeping things simple will go a long way. Nobody is fond of seeing Christmas decorations hanging in the spring or Easter items lingering around fall approaches. If you make it easy, it will be something you keep up with throughout the year. Besides, who doesn’t like to do a little shopping at the turn of a new season? 

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick is a MSU graduate, M3 Group event planner and a dog mom of two. She loves fashion and fall is her favorite season. She embraces all the good things because life is too short to be unhappy!

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