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On April 21, my son Mason was born. But before his big debut, my husband and I had a lot of planning to consider. Nursery ideas came in full swing and I started thinking of a desired layout and imagined how I wanted the room to be. For Mason’s nursery, we decided to decorate and paint in neutral color tones. Neutrals let in more natural light, making the space look brighter and larger, which helped because we had a smaller area to work with. Using pops of color gave the room added dimension: we incorporated a blue dresser and some of our own décor.

For the theme, I wanted something Mason could grow with. I went with vintage airplanes. It’s simple, classic and added a soft touch to the little boy nursery feel. I felt that going easy on the “themed décor” helped make the room feel bigger without cluttering the space. Having a tasteful touch of the vintage planes lightly sprinkled throughout the room made it feel less overwhelming, yet tastefully organized.

Preparing for a newborn is an exciting time, yet it’s very exhausting. There are so many things to consider when thinking about what we will and won’t need. The room is your first place to start prepping. You might start wondering what to use and the possibilities seem endless. You want your nursery to be cute, but you also want to consider comfort, convenience and safety for you and your baby.

Make it comfortable for you
Besides the crib, you’ll be spending the most time enjoying other pieces of furniture, such as the chair. Don’t overlook that you will need it to be comfortable; after all you’re the one who will need the comfort!

Plan the layout
This depends on a few factors like size, layout of the room and how you want to incorporate your own personal style. Consider the available space for the type of furniture and decide how you will fit it all in for a comfortable and convenient nursery. You’ll want to move easily from the rocking chair to the crib to the changing table without stumbling or having to dodge other objects.

Where will baby sleep
Will he sleep in a crib right away or will he start in a bassinet before graduating to a crib? There are different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval and round. They can even convert and grow as your newborn becomes a toddler.

Nursery furniture
Along with the crib you might want to consider a dresser, changing table, nightstand, chair, ottoman, bookshelf and more. Some things, such as the dresser, can double as a changing table. Some of these pieces will be more valuable to you than others.

Storage solutions
Storage is key for first time parents when you are just getting home and overwhelmed with the amount of things you need for your new baby. Consider how you’ll store your baby’s belongings with bookcases, baskets, dressers and shelving.

Choose a color scheme
Keeping it neutral? Consider these decorating tips: display books for some color, use rich pieces of furniture to design the space such as a statement piece or accessory, add warm shades of ivory, taupe and white, they complement one another to bring a calming space to the room yet are welcoming and bright. Add texture such as bedding, a rug, accessories and décor.

Getting specific with gender
Nursery bedding, blankets, toys, and décor items can all make the nursery gender specific. You can also make something personal, something from you, that’s made just for your sweet child.

Mason’s nursery has become one of my favorite rooms, which is great because I’m in there a lot! It’s wonderful being able to spend quality time with my son in a room that was a labor of love.

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick is a MSU graduate, M3 Group event planner and a dog mom of two. She loves fashion and fall is her favorite season. She embraces all the good things because life is too short to be unhappy!

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