Diapers & Deadlines: One Thankful Work-At-Home Mum

As I write this column, my son is calling out to me — in the only way a 9-month-old can — to release him from the prison known to us as the Pack ‘n’ Play. He’s bouncing, whining and using sounds a human shouldn’t be able to make to get my attention and distract me from the tasks that lie ahead. Before I sat down to write this column, he was kind enough to take a nap so I could conduct a phone interview professionally. There have been times, however, when I wasn’t so lucky. “I’m sorry Dr. Very Important. I know you have lives to save, but can I call you back in ten minutes? *SQUEALING IN BACKGROUND*.” That’s a typical day in the office for me. If it’s not baby distracting me from getting things done, it’s the dirty dishes, or the pile of laundry beckoning me to scratch it off my to-do list. Working from home can be tough. You’ve got to be organized and disciplined, and even if you are there’s no guarantee things will pan out the way you plan them. As difficult as it can be to get things done (FYI, he’s now gone from whining to wailing,) I wouldn’t change it for the world. As a new mum, there are so many things I could be thankful for this thanksgiving, including being able to work from home. Some other trivial things I never thought I’d be thankful for: o        Being the same shoe size I was before I had my child o        Sleeping in on a Saturday o        Watching a movie from start to finish with no interruptions o        Date night and girls’ night out o        Burps o        Naptime Trivial things aside, I can certainly count my blessings this year. I have a healthy baby boy who is a constant source of joy and excitement, and I have a job in my field that allows me to watch him grow. Yes, I change diapers in between meeting deadlines, but I relish in the fact that right after writing this column, I get to watch my son splash in the bath tub and then rock him to sleep. Well, once I calm him down from the stupor he’s worked himself into …

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Suban Nur Cooley

Suban Nur Cooley is a young communications professional and writer in the Greater Lansing region, who currently works for Capital Gains and the Refugee Development Center. She is also a proud Australian expatriate and Lansing homeowner.

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