Diapers & Deadlines: The Present of Being Present

If you didn’t know that about me, you do now. I take on projects when I shouldn’t and spend more time working than playing. I thought I’d get better when I became a mother, but I just “managed” my life in a way that enabled me to continue doing it. There’s another thing you should know about me: I love food. No really, I love, love, love food. So, for someone like me, the holiday season comes with two serious challenges: weight gain and being overcommitted. But seriously, can you blame me? How can one resist:
  1. A tryptophan-induced coma followed by an assortment of pies and sides
  2. Hosting a fancy-schmancy party (ugly sweaters encouraged)
  3. Chocolate-mint anything
  4. Writing jobs while on vacation
  5. Wassail and “friendship” bread
  6. Joining committees or volunteering over the holidays
  7. Cider in its many forms (cider donuts included)
  8. Did I mention I’m obsessed with chocolate and mint?
So yes, I have admittedly gained weight every single holiday season since moving to the United States, due to stress and overconsumption. But this year, things have to be different. I can’t eat with reckless abandon and I can’t be the perfect family and working woman. In preparation for the holiday season I’m working out, eating well and learning to say no. And it’s not just food I’m saying “no” to. This year, I’m taking it easy. No getting roped into new contracts or activities and duties which consume my holiday season. I’m taking the time I need to ensure I am with the people I love — both physically and mentally. I’m also going to enjoy all the delicious treats I look forward to, but in moderation. Holidays really are about celebrating the people in your life, not so much the food and fancy parties. I’m making a point to be present this year, embracing and enjoying my life’s many blessings. What do you need to say “no” to this year?

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Suban Nur Cooley

Suban Nur Cooley is a young communications professional and writer in the Greater Lansing region, who currently works for Capital Gains and the Refugee Development Center. She is also a proud Australian expatriate and Lansing homeowner.

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