Diet Tips From My Picky Eater

I’m wearing an avocado mask this morning. I hear it’s great for the skin; an excellent way to clean your pores. But let me be honest … this mask was applied by my son, when he smacked a spoonful of avocado out of my hand and onto my face. Cute little rascal. I just don’t get it. I don’t get not wanting to eat, because I always want to eat! I love food. It may be an unhealthy relationship, but eating is a very enjoyable experience for me. I savor it, look forward to it, crave doing it, dream about it — it’s a problem. And that’s why I have a hard time understanding why I have to force my son’s meals on him. I mean, it’s amazing how eager I am for breakfast, and how eager he is to be done with it. Doesn’t he like to eat? What’s wrong with him? Granted, I’m not eating pureed avocado and chicken (yummy), but in assessing my son’s eating habits, I’ve confirmed I wasn’t born with this incessant desire to consume food. Which means, it’s a learned habit and one I can aim to change, right? So, you’re probably wondering what sparked this column. Well, I’m not a fan of resolutions. But, I’m also not a fan of lugging around the extra weight I inherited after my son was born. If I’m being honest, I’ve been carrying extra weight for some time. As such, I’m making a point to take control of my health and wellness this month, and I’m sharing my goals and journey with everyone so I’m held accountable. I mean, who’s going to eat an entire tub of Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone alone when they have to tell the world they did it? So, wish me luck on my journey to becoming a healthy mum; the kind of mum that actually utilizes her expensive jogging stroller and does yoga on Wednesday nights. Follow my progress (and help keep me in check) via my Twitter account @SubanNurCooley.

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Suban Nur Cooley

Suban Nur Cooley is a young communications professional and writer in the Greater Lansing region, who currently works for Capital Gains and the Refugee Development Center. She is also a proud Australian expatriate and Lansing homeowner.

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