Dirty Dancing


The 80s are back! Don’t miss Dirty Dancing at the Wharton Center this November, running from November 10-15. As one of the most iconic love stories of all time, Dirty Dancing as a live musical experience is a performance that will leave you breathless.

The story is set in the summer of 1963, in upstate New York at Camp Kellerman. On vacation with her sister and parents, Frances “Baby” Houseman is bored with camp life and looking for something different to do. When she stumbles across the after hours dance club held by the staff, she knows she’s found what she’s been looking for, especially when she meets Johnny Castle, the camp’s lead dance instructor.

As the summer unfolds, Baby and Johnny are constantly being pushed and pulled together in a romance that will show them both the vast differences and similarities of their lives and what that means in the world outside Camp Kellerman.

While the show features music and dance in a fantastic way, the show isn’t a full-on musical like other shows.

“It’s not a musical, per say,” said Margot White, who plays Frances “Baby” Houseman in the show.

“It’s definitely “Dirty Dancing” the classic story on stage. You won’t see us break out in song all of a sudden; they get to tell their story and there are songs that are sung around them, but no one’s singing in full dialogue the whole time.”

White has been performing in the arts for many years, finding a love for live productions at a young age.

“The real bug bit when I saw a production of Romeo and Juliet when I was around five years old,” said White. “I remember falling in love with Juliet’s character and thinking that I needed to do this.”

While White’s career is extensive, this is her first time performing on the road and travelling as a crew with other performers.

“I’m enjoying Des Moines right now and travelling to different parts of the country and getting a taste of everything different,” said White.

“Any show that you do you get the ‘show family’, which is great, but because we’re on the road together for weeks it’s very different. I’m thrilled to be part of this group.”

As with any musical, the cast of Dirty Dancing is incredibly diverse, full of dancers, theater professionals and singers alike.

“I love the part of Baby, I love the play,” said White. “I’m amazed at how fantastic the dancers are. There are two singers in the show as well that are just dynamic and show-stopping voices. I couldn’t be happier to be part of something this incredible.”

For those who have experienced the story of Johnny and Baby before, the show will not disappoint; for those who are learning for the first time that “nobody puts Baby in a corner”, the show will be equally thrilling.

“I think that people who have seen the movie will be pleased,” said White. “They’ll hear all the lines they’re expecting and feel the emotions that are constant throughout the show. Those who aren’t familiar with the move will really enjoy the story. It’s a beautiful coming of age story told through dance, something everyone can love.”

For more information about Dirty Dancing and to purchase tickets, visit whartoncenter.com.


Kalynne McIntyre

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