DIY Dog Toys


I have some active dogs that live in my house so I’m always looking for ways to make them happy. Making dog toys for them is one of those ways.

What you’ll need

  • Tennis ball
  • Old T-shirt
  • Drill
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Wire/thin stick (optional)


What to do

1) Drill a hole through the tennis ball. 

2) Cut up a T-shirt. I used a few different T-shirts to make mine because I wanted it to be colorful. I cut my T-shirts up in one long strip to work with. To do this, start the cut at the bottom of the T-shirt. Cut around the base of the T-shirt, cutting at an angle at times to keep it as one piece. It does not have to be even. I stop my cutting right under the arms. I store my T-shirt strip rolled up in a ball, similar to yarn balls.

3) Using six to nine long pieces of T-shirt strips, slide them through the hole in the tennis ball. Using a hard piece of wire or a thin stick like a kabob skewer can help with getting the material through the hole.

4) Pull the T-shirt strips so the ball is in the middle of them. Tie knots at each end near the holes in the balls to keep the strips in place. Braid each side enough so a handle can be made. Once there is a nice amount braided on each side, bring the two sides together, knot it and braid it together as one long piece.

5) When the braid is done, knot it again and trim the ends so it is nice and even.

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