DIY Earbud Case


I was looking for a fun way to carry earbuds without them ending up being a mess in the bottom of my purse or in a school bag. This earbud case solves that problem. It makes them easy to access and hassle-free. Don’t have earbuds? This could double as a fun container for loose change or other small items.

What You’ll Need

  • Empty plastic mint containers
  • Mod Podge
    ● Brush (to apply Mod Podge)
  • Fun fabric, scrapbook paper, markers or washi tape
  • A drill
  • Keychain hook
  • Keychain clasp
  • Goo Gone (optional)

What to Do

  1. Remove any labels from the mint container. If the labels aren’t coming off easily, soak the container in soapy water or use Goo Gone to help remove any adhesive left behind.
  2. Drill two holes on one side of the side of the mint container, spaced to fit the keychain ring that will be used.
  3. Cut out the fabric or paper to fit the top of the mint container. Attach using Mod Podge. If using washi tape, just cut pieces to stick onto the top of the container that would allow it to still open. If using markers just draw the design on.     
  4. Attach keychain clasp and ring to the container.

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