DIY Flower Crown


Flower crowns are a fun way to add to your look or accessorize for a special occasion. They can be fun for both kids and adults. I love to wear mine to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, when I’m dressed up in costume.

What you’ll need

  • Fresh or fake flowers
                ●          Thick brown floral wire (stem wire)
                ●          Thin green floral wire
  • Floral tape (*optional)
  • Scissors or wire cutters

What to do

  1. Create a circle base from the stem wire that will fit on the head the crown will be going on. My stem wire came in single shorter pieces. If this is the case, take two pieces and twist them together to make a circle large enough to fit on a head. Cut off any extra stem wire that isn’t needed.

  2. If using fake flowers, remove them from the stems. Remove the leaves, as well. If using real flowers, you will want to leave some stem so you can work with it and wrap it around your main circle.

  3. Using the thin green floral wire, wrap the flower onto the circle base. I do this by wrapping the floral wire around the base of the flower and leaving wire on both sides I can use to wrap onto my circle base. If using real flowers use the wire to wrap the stem to the circle base. Make sure when attaching flowers that they are facing out.

  4. The flower crown can be full of flowers or just the top/front half can have flowers.

  5. Once the flowers are added, go back and add the leaves in a similar fashion between the flowers, trying to fill up any sparse spaces.


*Optional – To hide the wire use floral tape while attaching the flowers to the circle base.

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