Building a Custom Patio Table


A few years ago, we removed the railing around our deck and built seating in its place. My wife and I like to spend quality time as a family outside in the summer, and we enjoy hosting parties and grilling out with our family and friends. For that reason, we wanted to build a custom table for our deck area!

Step 1:
Measure the length and width you want the table to be. We measured 6 feet long by 3.5 feet wide (it was six boards on the top).

Step 2:
Purchase the deck boards for the table. We used Trex.

Step 3:
Build a frame to attach the deck boards. The fame will need to be a little smaller so the deck boards can sit on top it. To build the support frame, we used two-by-fours.

Step 4:
Determine the height you want the table so you can measure and add the legs. We used two-by-fours and painted them gray.

Step 5:
Build the bench. Follow the same instructions as the table but for a smaller version. We used three boards for the bench seating. Once you have the top and fame finished, you can then determine the height of the legs to customize it exactly how you want it.

Step 6:
Make the umbrella hole. Find the center of the table and determine the diameter of the pole. Drill a hole with a hole-saw drill bit and slide the umbrella in it. Tip: Don’t make the umbrella hole too big so that the pole has room to sway.

Building a custom table has allowed us to create more table space and seating for our guests. We are looking forward to enjoying more time outside this year!

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