Dogs Need Direction Too


In honor of back-to-school time, let’s learn about how amazing our furry friends are.

They are our companions, members of our families and our best friends. We’ve talked about so many ways to train them and work with them to make our lives coexist in the best way. However, what we haven’t talked about is how dogs go above and beyond and how they have literally helped save the lives of so many people.

There are bomb-sniffing dogs that keep us safe, there are veteran assistance dogs, bedbug-detection dogs, and therapy and emotional support dogs of all kinds. I’ve even read stories of dogs that have recognized dangerously low blood sugar in their humans and heard stories of dogs that have detected cancer.

There are countless stories about brave dogs. I am thankful for all the dogs that have helped people get through each day and to all the humans who have trained them. There are so many organizations out there – too many to mention here – that have saved lives or just helped someone to live theirs without fear.

The attachment between a human and their furry companion runs deep. The love they show us is unconditional. If you are in need, or know someone who is, check online for an organization that offers dogs for the specific need you are looking for and be sure to check with your local shelters.

When it comes to learning, we need to remember that our dogs need to go to school, too. People ask me if it is really necessary to take their dog to a training class. I believe it is. Socialization is so important, and you can get so much of it by taking a training class. Your dog will not only be exposed to other dogs in a safe environment, but also to other people, adults and kids.

For a puppy, the sounds and smells at class are an introduction to new things. The more you can introduce and expose your puppy to, the better off it will be as an adult. Remember, never force your puppy into anything. You are simply offering another environment for them to experience and investigate with your guidance and encouragement. Socialization is imperative to your puppy’s growth process and it must be done right; this goes for older dogs as well.

As you continue training and canine life skills for your dog, remember to have fun and stay positive – and your dog will too.


Jill Bailey

Jill Bailey is the Media Specialist at M3 Group by day, by night she is helping train dogs for Canine Coaches! Having a life-long love of dogs, Jill decided to get her training certification in 2012. Visit for more information.

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