Easy ways to “go green” in the workplace


The belief that my actions can assist with the preservation of rain forests seems a bit overwhelming to me. However, if you tell me that my actions can impact my health, the size of my bank account and my overall quality of life -— I would say to you, ‘now that’s something I can handle.’ In this issue of CAWLM, I will show you five examples of how going green can foster a pleasant environment and increase the enjoyment you get out of everyday life.

The Art of Simple Pursuing a green lifestyle may require you to make one small change at a time. For people like me, most changes have to be practical and easy to do. Since the bulk of my time and energy is spent at work trying to make big things happen, why not add going green to that list. Everyone in the office should feel empowered to identify ways to make their surroundings more efficient and healthy for all.

Computer EnergY: Conserve computer energy by switching over to a power saving setting, such as a sleep mode. A computer in sleep mode can save 60 percent of its normal energy life. I personally prefer to use my laptop because of the flexibility and convenience it provides when navigating from meeting to meeting. Guess what? A laptop uses less energy than a desktop computer.

Reduce Printer UsagE: Don’t print unnecessarily. Now a days, a number of tasks can be handled online or on your computer screen. Take advantage of simple features such as zoom, or increase the font size. If printing is required, try double-sided printing when possible.

Reduce Paper Waste: I am one of the biggest offenders of creating paper waste. If you’re like me (attending countless meetings) you grow reliant on sharing handouts and/or providing information to others in paper form. Cut the clutter and paper waste by taking advantage of large conference room monitors. Use email to distribute material after the meeting if others need the information for future reference.

Green Workspace: Place a green plant at your desk. Better yet, get one for all of your neighbors. Not only will they see this as a friendly gesture, but they will also benefit from cleaner air. Plants are able to absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen. It will also provide a cheerful scene for those that do not have the most attractive view.

Green Packing: Last, but not least, everyone looks forward to a lunch break. While it may seem fun, you can save a ton of money by not going out to eat daily and packing a lunch instead. Tweaks, such as bringing your lunch in a reusable bag, can prove to be stylish and efficient.

It Is Easy Being Green Whether it’s at your workplace, home, school or otherwise, the best way to stay involved in the green scene is to educate and involve others. Share practices with friends and co-workers to help them better understand the benefits of going green. Think about what tips or creative ideas you can help folks come up with to replace current methods with more environmentally friendly ones.

I would love to hear about the things that others do to engage in a green lifestyle. You may be surprised to learn that your existing habits might already make you a green champion. Feel free to share your green ideas with me on my Facebook page or email me at catchat359@gmail.com. I’m anxious to learn how others were able to find simple alternatives that make a difference.


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