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We are so fortunate that we get to love. The most fortunate part is that love is a gift: to feel that emotion is vital. Entertainment has shared with us some of the best love stories ever in film such as “Love Story,” or “The Way We Were”; on stage through “Westside Story,” and “Rent”; and of course television’s “I Love Lucy,” or a classic such as “The Honeymooners.”

What makes us want to watch classic love stories repeatedly? The smiles, the tears and the happiness they bring? Well, what’s coming this month is none other than the latest installment from the “50 Shades of Grey” franchise with “50 Shades Freed,” a Mrs. Grey will-see-you-now kind of story.

Oh yes, love is also back this month in more ways than one, including a feel good, action packed date movie called “The 15:17 To Paris.” Based on the book of the same title by Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone — who play themselves in the film — this tale tells the real life story of the three American heroes who help stop a terrorist on a train bound to Paris. The date night love could continue to sparkle for you and yours in the form of “Black Panther,” starring Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Forrest Whittaker, Michael B. Jordan and Angela Bassett. The film brings the legendary Marvel creator Stan Lee’s first African American superhero to the big screen, who in comic form has been fighting alongside the likes of Captain America, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. Oh yes, the geek love is on!

I grew up in northern California, and I grew up afraid of the stories of a historical home. Just 50 miles south of San Francisco is San Jose, and there sits one of the strangest sights ever seen in worldly architecture. The home is the Winchester Mansion. Yes, the Winchesters of rifle fame and wealth lived in this home for years, and when the wife became a widow, she built and added on and on, room after room and stairwells, with some that lead to dead ends. The spooktacular story releasing this month will star Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, heiress to the fortune who for many years and seven days a week, continued to build on the home. But why you ask? You will have to go see the film, and bonuses are in order if you get to hold hands and snuggle up with your honey as you watch “Winchester” out this month.

Remember to LOVE! “I ran Dalmatians for seven years and loved it. I learned how to do everything, but being the owner and operator means you have to be there … after going through a divorce and my second bout with cancer, I had to step back. Owning your own business has its pluses and minuses, but after that I knew this is what I loved doing,” Landes said.

Landes loved being in the thick of it, day in and day out. Oliver shares a similar sentiment. The satisfaction and journey in being self-employed comes with plenty of positives and zero regrets — teaming up for the perfect opportunity at the right time adds to the sense of fate.

“When the opportunity came around, I talked to Craig about buying the bar and he said, ‘If that is what you want to do I am behind you.’ But he didn’t want me doing it alone and that is where Jack came in as the perfect partner. We tag team it, so we can both get away and do things. It really came together the way it was supposed to,” Landes said.

“I don’t know that I ever thought I’d own a bar specifically, but I like being self-employed,” Oliver said. “It’s different, it’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure, but there is a lot of freedom.”

But fate didn’t just bring the trio together after all those years or bring the best opportunity at the right time; it also brought the best customers. The pair expresses just how grateful they are for their loyal, eclectic and enthusiastic patrons that bring the pub to life.

“I think our favorite part is the people,” Landes said. “We have a really great group here. We like getting to know them. You meet new people all the time, and then you have the regulars you see often. We have a great team and wonderful customers, and it really is the best part of what we do.”

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw started his career in San Francisco, Calif. more than 30 years ago and has since worked on many highly rated television shows including “Oprah” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He loves to paint, sing, act and being the proud parent of three lovely children.

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