Entertainment Alley: Local Boy Makes it to Hollywood


This month I got to chat with Michigan-born television and film actor Joey Kloberdanz about acting and growing up in Saginaw.

Taylor: “Hey Joey what was life like for you in Saginaw?”
Joey: “It was pretty typical growing up in the mid-west lifestyle in a pretty big family with two brothers and two sisters. After graduation from Western Michigan University, I moved to LA to pursue acting.”

Taylor: “Well, in just five years you have landed a few major roles. That’s just not typical of the industry.”
Joey: “I knew that was something I wanted to do after college in a bigger city to pursue acting. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Luckily, my family was supportive of my decision. Your family support absolutely helps 100 percent.”

Taylor: “When did the acting bug take its big bite out of you?”
Joey: “I would say theater in high school and community productions.”

Taylor: “What made you want to attend Western?”
Joey: “I wanted to be somewhat close to home, but not too close where the parents could follow up with me too quickly.”

Taylor: “So, you studied theater there?”
Joey: “Actually I didn’t study theater or drama there, I finished up with a business degree and pre-med course work.”

Taylor: “You have a film coming out soon, Almost Faithful.”
Joey: “Yes, it comes out at the end of summer of 2013. My character is the new love interest of a former girlfriend of the protagonist in the film.”

Taylor: “You also currently star on the television show ‘Redwood’.”
Joey: “We finished our first short season and the finale aired last March on the SYFY network, and we just got picked up for season two, but you can always watch it online at www.redwoodtheseries.com until it returns January 2014.”

Taylor: “You play Sonny Jones on the show. What’s he about?”
Joey: “The series revolves around the character Skylar Jones and I play her brother. Skylar is dying and Sonny gives her vampire blood to try and save her.”

Taylor: “Joey, is there any advice you want to share with our readers who may want to pursue their dream?”
Joey: “It takes time. You may hear stories of people being discovered waiting tables, but that’s rare. Perseverance and having family support is vital even if you are just moving right next door. Put in the effort, work hard and it will come true.”

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Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw started his career in San Francisco, Calif. more than 30 years ago and has since worked on many highly rated television shows including “Oprah” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He loves to paint, sing, act and being the proud parent of three lovely children.

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