Experience Adventure in Michigan this fall


Did you know Michigan has up of 19 million acres of wooded terrain? As fall approaches, our adventurous minds open to more outdoor fun before winter arrives. Fall is the season of adventure in Michigan, and we shouldn’t forget to share it with our national and international friends, family and visitors. Fall colors are the perfect introduction for first timers to our state, bringing to life everything that showcases nature’s beauty — there’s plenty to see, do and, of course, explore.

As the season changes, the rustic colors of our state begin to take on rich presences of orange, gold and crimson; tree-lined sections filled with new aesthetics are breathtaking and desirable to every eye. The new season also reminds us to take in the beauty that surrounds us in many outdoor, adventurous ways. Let’s get out and get some biking and hiking done in our woods and under the dome-like tree-covered areas that capture our attention with picturesque displays of almost unimaginable glory. 

Fall in Michigan also means visiting apple orchards — an exciting time for us Michiganders and visitors alike — and indulging in the tastes of apple donuts and pies from well-visited farms. What also speaks as fall to us, quenching are thirsts in the process, is the abundance of craft breweries statewide offer seasonal brews and concoctions which dance upon our tongues with delight. 

Of course, our Indian summer sunsets are incomparable when married to the essential vistas that help define fall. Recreational adventures in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are the explorer’s dream, consisting of annual treks to trails, birding, boating, fishing, fall color route maps, golf, hunting, trapping, mountain biking, the Northern Lights, paddling and visiting state parks.

Did you know that in 2010, Michigan was the leading state for films being made? Entertainment Alley wants it known that we welcome producers, writers and entertainers from Hollywood and beyond back to our state to begin making films and television shows again. We who live here know that our state’s beauty is exceptional and our communities are warm and inviting. Return to experience this harvest season with us, and you’ll immediately take in the bountiful cornucopia of beauty that surrounds us in this and every season. 

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw started his career in San Francisco, Calif. more than 30 years ago and has since worked on many highly rated television shows including “Oprah” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He loves to paint, sing, act and being the proud parent of three lovely children.

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