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Going green has been on the minds of many in Hollywood and beyond. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Robert Redford, we have seen the stars come out and support the worldwide efforts to lessen the impact of our carbon footprints.

Oscar nominated actor Edward Norton comes from a family of activists; his father is an attorney for the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the director of a nature conservancy project in China. Norton’s grandparents helped create the Enterprise Foundation. This nonprofit is dedicated to community development and affordable green housing. As a partner with BP’s Solar Neighbors, he helps put solar panels on the homes of low-income families in Los Angeles.

Cameron Diaz is an outspoken green activist, and has driven a Prius since they first came on the market. Her TV show, “Trippin” took viewers to eco-adventures to endangered habitats worldwide. Diaz’s work and knowledge connected with her passionate drive impressed the likes of Al Gore, and as a result she was asked to be a presenter for his groundbreaking documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Josh Harnett is a hybrid-driving supporter of Global Cool, a UK based organization on a mission to educate more than one billion people on how to reduce their greenhouse emissions in the next 10 years.
Did you know that the Oscar winning actress, Natalie Portman designs vegan clothes and footwear all made from non-animal materials?

One of Hollywood’s biggest eco-supporters is environmental activist E. Begley Jr., who has been a green activist since the 1960s. In fact, Begley has been driving an electric car longer than many people in the world. He lives in a solar and wind powered home, and he also powers his home by riding his bike. He owns and markets eco-cleaners, and wrote the guide to sustainable living.

Want to live a more environmentally friendly life? Here are some ways that you can go green:

  • Look at your own carbon footprint and examine how you might change some things
  • Discover little green things to do with the family around the house
  • Recycle
  • Building a home or office? Look to green products that don’t harm the environment
  • Start a compost area on your property
  • Offer help to others who are not as knowledgeable on how to go green
  • Call and write to legislative leaders about going green in city constructions and refurbishments.
  • Be an activist for green awareness

If you have found some great green ideas you want to share, please write to me at the magazine.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest green supporters include Sundance Channel, LIONSGATE, GLOBAL GREEN USA, Independent Film & Television Alliance and VB Video Business a division of The Hollywood Reporter.

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Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw

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