The Men in Our Lives


Some of us had wonderful fathers, who really loved us, and weren’t “donkeys” to quote “Kitchen Nightmares,” Gordon Ramsay.

The men in our lives have influence over us whether we know it or not. Not always in the form of a dad, but a male figure that brought to us new adventures and exciting stories. Uncles, cousins, grand dads, brothers, best friends’ dads, husbands, best friends and teachers, i.e. the men in our lives, were and have always been our social studies life testers. Their mishaps, mistakes and good or bad fortunes helped us in many ways see the paths toward discovery that we should consider.

What did we learn from famous fathers of TV, like Patty Duke’s dad on the “Patty Duke Show?” For one thing, that you could be a caring and dependable single father figure in a girl’s life.

On “Growing Pains,” we watched TV dad Alan Thicke’s character deal with a lot, from issues of hormones, to hard work and responsibility.

“The Cosby Show” taught us useful life lessons from the show’s patriarch Bill Cosby, like what to do when dealing with your daughter’s new boyfriend, often hard-to-find patience and living the life you want to be respected for.

“Home Improvement” gave us Michigan’s own Tim Allen discovering that just because you are successful, it doesn’t mean you know how to be a parent, but if you don’t give up, you can fix what’s not completely broken and be loved.

Everyday I am reminded of what I can do with my life, and what I have achieved because of the strong men in my life. Five uncles, five uncles by marriage, grand dad, two older brothers, my two sisters’ husbands, over 100 male cousins and, of course, my own dad. Yeah, I have a big family. I continue to find that as a father, brother and mentor I am happy to be a part of the lives of these individuals who have many choices to seek advice from and come to me for support and guidance.

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Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw

Taylor Kelsaw started his career in San Francisco, Calif. more than 30 years ago and has since worked on many highly rated television shows including “Oprah” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He loves to paint, sing, act and being the proud parent of three lovely children.

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