Fabulous Finds Right in Your Community


Ok, let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a well-worn t-shirt. There is nothing I love more than changing into a soft oversized tee I’ve liberated from hubby Jeff’s closet when I get home at night. They’re so much more “comfy” than grown-up work clothes, but certainly not for public viewing.

Some folks were born to wear a t-shirt. Think of Michael Kors and the ever present black tee. He made it cool to wear a tee to even formal events; for those of you who remember the pre-hoodie era, his tee, along with his black blazer and black pants or jeans, is his uniform. And then there is, of course, Sharon Stone; whatever you may think of her movies, she’s turned heads when, on more than one occasion, turned up at major events in a Gap™ turtleneck and tee all while looking stunning (okay, the professional hair and makeup helped, but still … ).

I love tees, graphic ones especially, tons can be found at Target and Meijer at really great prices. I’ve been trying to find a way to wear one without looking like I’m the “hmm, maybe she’s trying too hard” version of my 17-year-old goddaughter, Hadley. To my delight, while strolling around the East Lansing Art Fair, I met the amazing Lauren Olson. She is the owner, designer and all around creative force behind Remark Clothing. Olsen uses old tees and turns them into a uniquely styled dress. She is one of our fantastic young designers that launched her business at The Runway in downtown Lansing.

For those of you not familiar with The Runway, it’s located in the magnificently restored Knapp’s Centre. It’s a fashion incubator helping fashion designers with their business, connecting them to potential resources to produce their collections and assisting the designers in moving their product to the marketplace. Like Olsen, many of the designers sell their products at art fairs, or the popular site Etsy, but for most the hope is to get into retailers in the future.

My encounter with Olsen was fortuitous, as it will give me an opportunity to support both my need to be comfortable and to help budding local talent. I have found that “shopping” the art fair circuit is a wonderful way to uncover new and emerging talent. In our community, we have wonderful weavers, designers, jewelers and, of course, visual artists. By talking to them and finding out where they “show,” you’ll be surprised at the fabulous finds you can uncover right here in our community.


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