Back to school Fashion


The end of summer is upon us and the stores are filling up with shiny new school supplies.  

Children are bursting with anticipation of new classrooms, teachers and friends. It’s all about funky patterns in fall 2017 and bringing back retro trends. Bright colors are painted over our favorite brands for the back to school season.  For Emma Grace, she is starting a whole new chapter of life entering high school as a freshman. She will make a statement in these killer combos. A stylish wardrobe and a confident attitude will have her soaring through her first year of high school. As for Lucas, he will be king of the first grade with his plaid shirt and khaki ensemble. Lucas likes to keep it classy, but add a bit of personality with the Spiderman backpack. 


Erika Hodges

Erika Hodges is a MSU graduate, M3 Group photographer and videographer. She has two furbabies, Kudos the cat and Higgins the dog. She loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.